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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Austin to India by Last Journey

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Dead Body Transportation from Austin to India

Transporting a dead body from any foreign country is very complex for the family members of the deceased person. Instead of performing a self-transportation, it is always beneficial to hire a reliable shipping team.

Last Journey organization is serving Dead Body Transportation Services in several states. Now it is accessible in Austin as well. You can simply contact us for the service of Dead Body Transportation from Austin to India. Every task by the team will be performed in a legitimate and dignified manner.

Inclusions of Last Journey's Dead Body shipping services in Austin -

From the safety of the dead body to dignified shipping we stand firmly with the bereaved family members who are participating in Repatriation.

Here are the prime inclusions of Last Journey team in the dead body transportation service.

  • Fundamental amenities of funeral direction
  • Initial transfer of the remains or dead body to the mortuary from the residence or hospital
  • Standard embalming services for the dead body
  • Attaining the shipping permits
  • Seeking permission for collecting death certificate
  • Shifting the remains domestically or to the local airport

These services fall under the primary help of Last Journey dead body transportation team. Along with the professional way of serving our valuable clients, we take great care of the departed soul's dignity.

Additional services for the comfort, dignity and safety of the deceased body -

As an experienced team in the repatriation field, we understand the need for equipment and services that provide ease to the bereaved family members as well as the remains of a beloved one.

Here is the additional assistance from the highly skilled team members.

  • Covering and marketing of the dead body or remains
  • Buying or arranging a casket
  • A shipping container for the casket
  • A shipping container for the in-casketed dead body or human remains
  • Arrangement for the documentation process regarding dead body repatriation

How does our team conduct legal and dignified repatriation?

Last Journey is familiar with the complexities and time-consuming procedure of repatriation as we have completed several projects. Hence we segregate it into four subtasks. Take a glimpse of them.

1. Aprising the authorities of the repatriation -

It is mandatory to inform the embassies of both countries ( India & Austin, USA) before initiating the legal procedure. Our team, contacts inform the local police or residential authorities for attaining NOC.

2. Keeping the remains safe -

It is our prime aim to keep the remains fresh and sustainable till the final delivery to the native place (India). We book an ambulance van, cooling cabinet, coffin box and embalming service for the deceased body.

3. Arranging documents -

The team is well-versed in collecting and assessing the crucial papers and certificates that play a pivotal role in repatriation. These documents are,

  1. Death certificate
  2. No objection certificate
  3. Postmortem report if needed
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin box certificate
  6. Photo ID
  7. Passport cancellation form
  8. Tickets for air cargo

4. Seamless ticket booking service -

The team books the two-way air cargo tickets online. We ask for the fundamental details of the receiver in India if no one is accompanying the dead body during transportation. 

Steps To Be Done

Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.




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