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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transport Service from Birmingham to India

Dead Body Transportation from Birmingham to India

Transporting the deceased body of a loved one from Birmingham to India for their last journey is a complex and emotionally challenging process. To ensure a smooth and dignified repatriation, it is important to understand the necessary steps and requirements involved.

Understanding the Process of Repatriation

Repatriation is transporting a deceased person's body from one country to another. Different countries have specific guidelines and requirements for body repatriation, so it is essential to be well-informed about the regulations of the UK and India. Engaging the services of a reliable and experienced transport service is crucial to navigating the repatriation process smoothly and ensuring compliance with legal and cultural protocols.

Initiating the Repatriation Process

  • Contact the local authorities: Inform the local authorities about the death and register the deceased person's passing. The Indian embassy can guide you on registering a death outside of India.
  • Notify the coroner: Submit a 'Form of notice to a Coroner of intention to transport a body out of England or Wales' or a 'Furth of Scotland letter' issued by the Procurator Fiscal in Scotland. This notice should be submitted to the coroner within four clear days of their receipt of the notice.
  • Obtain an 'Out of England' certificate: After deciding to repatriate the body to India, contact the local coroner to obtain the 'Out of England' certificate. Additional documents may be required if the death occurred in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Arranging Necessary Documentation

  • Consult the consulate: We contact the consulate of the country where the deceased will be repatriated to ensure compliance with their specific requirements. They can provide information on the necessary documents needed for repatriation to India.
  • Essential documents for repatriation:
    • Form 103: We help obtain a 'Certified Copy of an Entry' from the Registrar and an acknowledgment from the coroner.
    • Doctor's certification: We ensure a certification stating that the body is free from infectious diseases and a 'Freedom from Infection Certificate' indicating the cause of death.
    • Embalming certificate: Although not always required, many countries, including India, usually insist on an embalming certificate.
    • Passport of the deceased: We ensure the deceased person's passport is available for repatriation.
    • No Objection Certificate (NOC): We help obtain a NOC from the Indian Embassy, which is required for transporting the deceased to India.

Preparing the Body for Repatriation

  • Embalming the body: Embalming, essential for international transportation, slows down the body's deterioration and ensures a serene appearance.
  • Appropriate coffin and packaging: We help provide a coffin, often necessary for repatriating the body across international borders. We ensure that the coffin or casket size is suitable for transportation, especially if a smaller aircraft will be used for onward transmission.

Our dead body transport service from Birmingham to India involves a series of crucial steps to ensure a respectful and seamless repatriation process. It is important to understand the legal and cultural requirements, engage the services of a reliable transport service, and gather the necessary documentation. By following these steps, we ensure that your loved one's last journey is conducted with dignity and respect.

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