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Dead Body Transportation from India to Sweden

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Sweden

Bringing the dead body of your beloved one back to your homeland through self-transportation can be a cumbersome process. Difficulty in understanding the foreign language, customs, legal paperwork and preventing the body from damage are some prime issues that a family confronts while repatriation.

These are all compelling reasons behind hiring a certified funeral direction team. Last Journey is a leading organization in India known for its promising professional services for dead body transportation.

Our services include safe and dignified dead body transportation from India to Sweden. The team will immediately take charge of the whole procedure right after receiving a call or application from the client.

Steps we follow for smooth & legitimate repatriation from India to Sweden -

Here are the key steps our team follows for shifting the dead body from India to Sweden quickly.

  • Making the family aware of all Indian guidelines regarding repatriation and the cost of shipping the body.
  • Notifying the higher and local authorities of India about repatriation.
  • Arranging the services for the safety of the dead body
  • Completing all the paperwork on behalf of the family
  • Booking tickets for air freight services

This five-step structure of our dead body transportation services covers each essential requirement of the deceased body as well as the family.

Step 1- Informing the Indian authorities -

The initial step taken by our skilled team is notifying the Indian consulate, local area police and a nearby hospital authority. Informing these departments help the family and team in attaining a valid Death Certificate, NOC and Transit Permit etc as a legal clearance for proceeding further.

Step 2 - Collecting the body and arranging safety services -

After accessing the clearance and legal permit, the team moves to the location of the demise and collects the body in the presence of local police. In case of unnatural demise, the body is referred to the postmortem house while if it is a case of natural death, the team shifts it to a certified hospital for medical examination.

The team asks the family for Embalming Service as it is prohibited in a few religions. If the family permits, the team sends the body to an authorized embalming center. We keep the embalmed body in a metal-sealed coffin box and then in an air-conditioned container if required.


Step 3 - Arrangement of all essential documents -

The team assists the family in obtaining all the documents after mindfully assessing the information written on them. The list of documents includes -:

  • Death Certificate
  • Transit Permit
  • NOC
  • Certificate for no infection state of the dead body
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin Box certificate
  • Passport of the deceased for cancellation by the Indian government
  • The ID of the funeral direction team and family member if present
  • Consent letter signed by the family of deceased
  • Tickets for two-way air cargo services and flight services

We also provide Xerox copies of each document for their submission to the concerned departments of both countries (India and Sweden).

Step - 4. Ticket booking and sending the body to the Indian airport -

After preparing the deceased body for shipping and finalizing the entire paperwork under the described protocol, the team books online tickets for air cargo services. The team is connected with several reliable Indian airline companies that provide two-way air cargo services.

Our team members will send the body to the airport for transportation through an equipped ambulance van.

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Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.




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