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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Tanzania

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Tanzania

Having years of experience and top-notch professionalism, the forefront funeral direction organization of India, Last Journey is relentlessly serving the needfuls across the globe. In our dead body transportation services, several foreign states are included.

You can hire our highly skilled team for Dead Body Transportation from India to Tanzania through the simplest steps.

  • Contact the team and inform them about the demise of Tanzanian Citizen
  • Make the team aware of the place where the unfortunate incident occurred
  • Give the essential details about death and deceased person
  • Book the team for the entire repatriation procedure after knowing the prices of services

After hiring Last Journey team the deceased's family can solely rely on us while tackling any of the obstacles that fall in the way of legal repatriation.

What are the services of Last Journey team in Dead Body Transportation from India to Tanzania?

Our team takes utmost care of the dead body throughout the air-shifting procedure. Apart from that, we take charge of carrying out each responsibility associated with the lawful paperwork.

Here are the key assistance of Last Journey team.

  • Documentation of the entire transportation procedure
  • Mortuary care of the deceased person while legal papers work going on
  • Updating the family about each step through the online portal
  • Shifting the body for the embalming process
  • Provision of sealed coffin box/casket
  • Arrangement for the final displacement of the dead body through two-way air cargo services
  • Obtaining clearance from several legal departments in India

Which documents/certificates/valid papers are important for sending the body back to Tanzania from India?

In International dead body shifting, documents act as a legitimate clearance for the team or family conducting the repatriation. To lessen the chances of missing any essential paper while collecting them, Last Journey provides a list including all of them.

  1. Death Certificate from a certified hospital authority in India
  2. NOC (no injection certificate) from the local area police
  3. Transit or Export permit from the Indian embassy
  4. Postmortem report if death occurred due to accident, murder or suicide etc.
  5. Embalming certificate for ensuring the proper covering of the body
  6. A Coffin Box certificate ensures the perfect sealing of the body inside the box
  7. Certificate for the Non contagious state of the dead body by the Health & Sanitation Department of India
  8. Passport of the deceased person for cancellation by the Indian government
  9. An agreement letter by the family for airlifting the remains
  10. A consent letter by the funeral direction team to ensure that each guideline has been followed while repatriation
  11. Details of the air cargo tickets and flight tickets

You need to submit these papers (original or photocopy) to different departments of Indian authority. These documents must be in English language.

What are the fundamental amenities provided by Last Journey team to the dead body during transportation?

Our team ensures that the remains of your beloved one will attain utmost care, safety and dignity throughout the process. We book -:

  • A slot in the mortuary house to prevent the body from decomposition
  • An ambulance van equipped with all the essential features for domestic transportation
  • Scheduling a time for embalming services by experienced embalming doctors
  • Wooden coffin box or sealed casket for placing the embalmed body
  • A metal container with a fully AC facility

These services offer comfort and peace to the departed soul and protect it from any kind of damage.

Why embalming is essential in shipping the dead body from India to Tanzania?

Embalming prevents the vulnerable dead body from withering. The doctors inject a specific mixture of chemicals and water into the body and also coat the outer part of the entire body with this substance.  It slows down the deteriorating pace of the deceased body.


In the end, the team books online tickets for "Two-Way air cargo services and flight services." 

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