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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Saint Vincent to India

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Dead Body Transport from Saint Vincent to India

Intending to guide the deceased's family professionally in receiving their beloved one back home after the death abroad, Last Journey organization is relentlessly providing global repatriation services. From prominent international countries to small island locations, our team relocates the dead bodies legally and safely.

If you are willing to assist in Dead Body Transportation from Saint Vincent to India, our team is just a call away. After handing over the responsibility of repatriation, you can feel free from the complex documentation process and sensitive dead body preparation.

To hire us, follow the below-given steps -:

  • Contact the team through the given number
  • Share the country name and precise location from where you want to collect the remains
  • Know our services regarding documentation & dead body safety
  • Get aware of the charges and finalize the hiring of the team

What are the essential services included in our dead body transportation from Saint Vincent to India?

Last Journey team works for both kinds of transportation - Accompanied by family or friends and Unaccompanied transportation. If no one is willing to take part in the procedure, our team members take charge of the whole task on their own.

Take a look at prime areas where we assist the family with our professionalism.

  • Death Registration
  • Taking Permission
  • Documents collection
  • Embalming service
  • Coffin box arrangement
  • Domestic Transportation arrangement
  • Ticket booking
  • Online portal for updating family
  • Help in returning the belongings
  • Tracking the position of cargo after shipping
  • Contacting local authorities & funeral homes of Saint Vincent

All these services will be executed by our highly skilled, professional and certified team members without any mistake or delay.

How does our team ensure the utmost safety and dignity of the dead body?

Along with completing the legal paperwork, our team takes good care of the deceased body. Right after collecting remains, we shift them to a certified mortuary. This process is done by the team through contacts with mortuaries of Saint Vincent on call.

The team arranges a well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation of the dead body, a cooling cabinet for keeping the remains in favorable temperature and a coffin box that complies with all guidelines of international transportation.

After the medical examination and postmortem of the dead body, we shift it to a certified embalming center. The dead body is covered with a chemical substance and a mixture of chemicals and water is injected into the dead body to replace the dead body fluid. The embalmed body is placed in the coffin box and sealed by the team after embalming.

Which documents and permits are necessary for forwarding the legal process?

Our team has in-depth information and awareness about all the valid documents granted by the liable authorities of Saint Vincent as legal clearance. The below given documents along with their photocopies will be arranged by the team members.

  1. Death Certificate by the certified medical authority of Saint Vincent
  2. No Objection Certificate by local area police
  3. Exit Permit granted by the consulate of Saint Vincent
  4. Postmortem Reports in Unnatural Death Cases
  5. Embalming reports after the process
  6. Certificate for the coffin box quality and sealing property
  7. The original Indian passport of the deceased person with a copy for cancellation
  8. A clearance from the airport authority for airlifting the dead body from Saint Vincent to India
  9. Clearance from the local area police while collecting the remains
  10. Details of the booked online tickets for the two-way air cargo service and flight services
  11. Information of the consignee (name, address and contact number)
  12. A letter stating "No Communicable Disease" granted by the Public Health Department of Saint Vincent
  13. A consent letter by the family member

How do we arrange tickets and final transportation?

After discussing and finalizing the schedule of air cargo & flight services, we booked online tickets. The specific two-way air cargo service helps the family in sending the documents and belongings back to Saint Vincent after repatriation. 

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