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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Albania to India

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Dead Body Transport Service from Albania to India

In the distressing times of losing a loved one, entrusting the responsibility of dead body transportation services from Albania to India to experienced professionals can help the grieving family. The Last Journey team can provide solace and support, making this difficult journey more manageable.

The Last Journey team facilitates the transportation of deceased individuals, ensuring the process is conducted with the utmost care, respect, and adherence to legal requirements.

Key Services Offered by Last Journey 

1. Navigating Complex Clearances:

  • We coordinate with embassies, hospital authorities, and local police. 
  • We notify the Indian and Albanian embassies about the repatriation. 
  • Our team collaborates with local mortuaries in Albania to securely collect the body from the hospital or residence. 

2. Ensuring Safety of Remains:

  • Our team arranges for a well-equipped ambulance van to ensure the body's safe transportation within Albania. 
  • We use cooling cabinets to maintain an appropriate temperature.
  • We provide embalming services to preserve the body during its journey. 
  • A high-quality coffin box is selected to safeguard the remains during air cargo transit.

3. Document Management:

  • Our team meticulously handles the documents and certificates required for international repatriation. 
  • These documents, signed and stamped by legal authorities, include the death certificate, no objection certificate, postmortem report (if applicable), embalming certificate, and coffin box certificate. 
  • Air cargo tickets for the journey are secured as part of the comprehensive document preparation process.

4. Booking and Final Delivery:

  • Our team takes care of booking two-way air cargo service tickets, ensuring a seamless transportation process for the deceased and any personal belongings. 

By offering a range of services, from legal clearances to logistical arrangements, Last Journey eases the burden on grieving families. We ensure the deceased is transported with respect and dignity to their final resting place in India.

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