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Dead Body Transportation from Atlanta to India

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Dead Body Transport from Atlanta to India

It is always aching to experience the demise of a beloved family member or friend who was living away from the native place. The family members start concerning and panicking about bringing the remains back home.

Performing the transportation of Dead Body from Atlanta to India under the guidance and assistance of Last Journey team will be quicker and easier than self-transportation.

As a certified and experienced team for repatriation, we know the right and legitimate methods of shipping human remains and dead bodies safely and in a dignified manner.

What are the prime services of Last Journey organization regarding dead body transportation?

Last Journey team has conducted several projects of Dead Body Transportation from Atlanta to India. Completing the documentation process and preventing the body from decomposition & damage, are two prime aims that we fulfill parallelly.

Here are the advantages that a bereaved family can take after booking our reliable shipping team.

1. Accessing clearance from embassies, hospital authorities, and local police -

In a legitimate body transportation procedure, attaining permission from high authorities after informing them regarding demise is a cumbersome task. Last Journey knows how to fulfill all legal responsibilities quickly in a stepwise manner.

  • First, we inform the embassies of India and the USA about dead body shipping from Atlanta to India.
  • Contacting a local mortuary in Atlanta for collecting the body from the hospital or residence and keep it safely in the mortuary.
  • The team assists the family members in the hospital during the medical examination of the body and finding the cause of death. In case of a natural demise, the medical officer signs the death certificate of the deceased person.
  • In case of unnatural death, the hospital authority sends the body further for the postmortem process.

2. Qualitative measures for the safety of remains -

The team books some services immediately after receiving the deceased body in Atlanta. Our teammates are fully aware of the local funeral homes and other centers. These services ensure the safety of the dead body in all odd situations.

  • A well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation of the body.
  • Arrangement of cooling cabinets for providing favorable temperatures for survival.
  • Embalming services for boosting the capability of long-hour sustainability.
  • A quality coffin box for shipping the dead body safely through air cargo.

3. Arranging the crucial documents and their Xerox copies -

Carrying all the documents and certificates is mandatory while moving the remains from Atlanta to India. These documents should be signed and stamped by the head of legal departments.

  • Death certificate
  • No objection certificate
  • Postmortem report if needed
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Passport cancellation form & passport of the deceased person
  • Photo ID of the deceased person, close kin and shipping agency members.
  • Air cargo ticket (two-way) for shipping

4. Booking of tickets and final delivery in India -

Last Journey team timely books the two-way air cargo service tickets for seamless transportation of the dead body as well as for the return of belongings of Atlanta authorities.

If no one is traveling with the remains, you need to provide fundamental details of the receiver in India.

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