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Dead Body Transportation from Chicago to India

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Dead Body Transport from Chicago to India

A family who has recently lost a beloved person and staying miles away from the remains needs professional guidance and support. Last Journey organization serves such families genuinely and professionally. Our extended Dead Body transportation services in foreign countries cover a range of tasks.

Families who are looking for a reliable team for shifting the deceased body from Chicago to India can contact the experienced team of Last Journey. The highly skilled teammates will complete each task associated with this complex and time taking legal process of repatriation.

The team will initiate the process with immediate effect right after receiving your service call for dead body transportation. From informing the embassies to safe shifting of the deceased body in the mortuary to booking tickets for final transportation, Last Journey will take charge of each big and small responsibility.

The fundamental services included in our service list -

  • Getting legal clearance from embassies (India & the USA) for the dead body shipping
  • Obtaining all the essential documents and completing the paperwork
  • Arranging services and equipment to keep the deceased body safe from decomposition and any other harm
  • Assisting the family in presenting the right information about the deceased person
  • Booking tickets (Two-Way air cargo and flight tickets)

How does Last Journey team work for Dead Body transportation from Chicago to India?

The team divides the complex shifting of the dead body from an international land to the final resting place into several subtasks.

1. Obtaining a death certificate from a medical officer -

After confirming the cause of the demise (natural or unnatural), a certified medical official provides a valid Death Certificate. The team checks the information written on it for surety. Now the team proceeds further to shift the body to a favorable place till the remaining paperwork does not get completed.

2. Arrangement of a mortuary -

The collected human remains from the hospital authority are shifted to a local mortuary in Chicago by Last Journey team. The team has contacts at local Chicago mortuaries where you can place the body to prevent it from any kind of damage.

3. Receiving a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local police authority-

The local police authorities do a primary introspection with the family of the deceased person. After finding the normal cause of death and the right information related to the departed one, they grant permission to move forward in the form of NOC.

4. Embalming and buying a coffin box -

To enable the dead body to survive for long hours, sending it for embalming is mandatory. The team contacts a certified doctor for this purpose. Now the embalmed body is kept safely inside a perfectly sealed coffin box.

5. Booking tickets for air freight -

After completing all the paperwork and legal formalities, the team contacts those airline companies that offer two-way air cargo services. Through these services, you will be able to return the belongings of Chicago without visiting here twice.

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