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Dead Body Transportation from Columbus to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Columbus to India

According to the estimated data, a large number of Indians reside in the Columbus city of Ohio (America). Hence it is obvious to confront one of the toughest sad news of the demise of an Indian in Columbus. This brings a wave of emotions and responsibilities simultaneously.

Managing all the arrangements and completing the legal responsibilities in an agonizing state becomes unbearable for bereaved families. Here a reliable team like Last Journey organization plays a pivotal role in shipping the remains to the final resting place.

If a family is seeking credible and professional assistance from a funeral direction home for transporting the dead body from Columbus to India, contact Last Journey team with immediate effect.

Guidelines for dead body transportation from Columbus to India -

Here is a set of some mandatory instructions or rules that one must follow during repatriation from Columbus to India.

  • Obtain the transport permit from legal local authorities and embassies of India and the USA.
  • Establish contact with the local funeral home and mortuary for the safety and dignity of the human remains or the deceased body.
  • Collect information about the American airlines that offer services for shipping air cargo.
  • Arrange all the documents and certificates after completing legal paperwork.

Last Journey team will stand strongly with the family of the deceased person as a partner in pain and complete all the responsibilities sincerely. Along with the paperwork you will find empathized and compassionate services for the safety of your beloved one's body.

How does Last Journey inform the authorities?

The initial step of Last Journey team will be informing the embassies of India and the USA regarding the transportation of the body. After attaining legal permission, our team proceeds further. We contact a local funeral home & mortuary in Columbus for shifting the remains from the hospital or residence to a safe and favorable place.

Services of Last Journey after reaching Columbus

Now the team assists the family in sending the body for a medical examination by an officer. He/She finds the cause of death based on primary inspection and grants a valid Death Certificate.

After that, the team informs the local police or residential authority regarding the demise and obtains a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

Arrangement of documents and safety equipment for transportation -

Keeping the decaying process of the body is mandatory hence our team takes all possible safety measures to ensure the family. We book services for domestic as well as international safety services such as -:

Here is the list of all essential documents without which you can not conclude this process.

  1. Death Certificate
  2. No objection certificate
  3. Postmortem report if required
  4. Embalming certificate
  5. Coffin box certificate
  6. Passport and ID proof with a photo of the deceased
  7. IDs of family members and team members conducting transportation
  8. Tickets for the two-way air cargo services

We arrange the original documents and photocopies of them for submission to designated departments.

The last step of our repatriation services is booking the tickets for air cargo and family members who are accompanying the body. In case of solo shipping of the dead body, we ask,

  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact details of the receiver in India. 
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