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Dead Body Transportation from India to Australia

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Australia

Receiving the news of a close one's demise overseas causes too much pain and concern for the family. Lack of awareness regarding the legal process and responsibility for the dead body's safety enhances their troubles.

Here professional teams like Last Journey organization take the whole charge of smooth dead-body transportation under legal guidelines.

Along with it, the team takes responsibility for the safety & dignity of the deceased body through several services and required tools. We provide such services in several countries including Australia. If you are looking for the timely transportation of your beloved one from India to Australia, Last Journey team can exceed your expectations.

What are the key services of Last Journey team for Dead Body transportation from India to Australia?

The team will assist you in fulfilling the below-given responsibilities.

  • Collecting documents from Indian authorities
  • Sending the body for medical examination
  • Booking a slot in the mortuary
  • Arranging ambulance van for domestic local transportation
  • Embalming service
  • Arranging coffin box and sealed casket for shipping
  • Online ticket booking for two-way air cargo service

1. Documentation Process -

Shipping the human remains of a non-native citizen to the final resting place in a foreign land is entirely a legitimate process. Inclusion of several departments makes it more complex. 

The team immediately informs the local and higher authorities of both countries and grants "on-paper" permission. The local police of India provide NOC ( No Objection Certificate) after primary inspection related to finding the cause of death and basic information about the deceased person.

2. Preventing the deceased body from all harmful causes -

The deceased body becomes quite vulnerable and incapable to survive in unfavorable weather conditions. The team books a slot in a certified mortuary.

We immediately book an equipped ambulance van, a dead body freezer box, a sealed casket and a quality coffin box.

Along with these services, the skilled team of Last Journey organization sends the body for embalming services. In this process, a certified doctor substitutes the body fluid with a mixture of water and chemicals. It slows down the decomposition of the body and keeps it fresh till the final rites.

3. Collecting the papers for legal work -

Last journey organization has gained ample experience by concluding several dead body transportation projects. We know about the required documents that one must have for a smooth repatriation procedure.

  • Death Certificate including all necessary information of the departed person
  • NOC
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Transit Permit
  • Passport of the deceased person
  • Tickets for air cargo services
  • A signed paper stating the no infection state of the deceased body
  • ID proof of the accompanying family member and sponsoring a team member

These documents must be available near you in original as well as in photocopy format.

4. Booking online tickets for air freight and flight services -

After completing all the legal paperwork and preparing the dead body for shipping, the team books online tickets for two-way air cargo services. Through this kind of service, the family of the deceased person can easily return the belongings to Indian authorities.

The team provides company to the air cargo also if no family member is traveling with it. For such circumstances, the team will ask you for the below-given details of the receiver in Australia.

  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Address for the doorstep delivery

Services of Last Journey team take a pause here. For resolving any kind of legal issue, the team stands strongly with the deceased's family. 

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