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Dead Body Transportation from India to Bangkok

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Bangkok

Airlifting the dead bodies from India to any other foreign state and being in charge of a whole complex legal procedure is the prime aim of a professional funeral director.

Last Journey is a well-recognized funeral direction team in India. Bangkok is also included in the stretched range of countries where we provide transportation services.

If a concerned family is seeking professional assistance for Dead body Transportation from India to Bangkok, Last Journey team is just a call away. You can simply hire us through a phone call, provide the necessary details and get desirable services without even participating in repatriation.

Our services are divided into main four steps or sections in which we conduct the legitimate shifting of human remains. Have a glimpse of them.

  • Providing information
  • Documentation
  • Dead Body preparation
  • Ticket booking and final delivery

All of these four steps will be carried out by our professional and experienced team members.

1. Informing the deceased family and authorities -

To initiate the process, our team first notify the local and higher-level authoritative departments and make the family aware of all legal requirements and protocols.

A few departments grant clearance for moving forward in dead body transportation.

  1. The Indian consulate grants Transit Permit for sending the body back to Bangkok.
  2. The local area police provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the team before collecting the body. In the case of unnatural death (accident, murder and suicide) the police file an FIR and send the body for postmortem. Here we collect the copy of FIR and postmortem report as well.

2. Documentation process -

After collecting the dead body, the team books a slot in a mortuary attached to a certified private or government hospital. Here a medical officer examines the body and grants a clinical Death Certificate.

This crucial certificate includes all the mandatory information about the unfortunate demise of the Bangkok citizen.

  • Name, age and sex
  • Date and timing (not precise) of death
  • Cause of the death
  • Sign of senior medical officer or doctor

The certificate should be in the English language as it is necessary to be understandable in both countries.

Several other documents play a significant role in proceeding with the transportation work further. The team will receive them on behalf of the close kin of the departed person.

  • Embalming certificate granted by doctors of Embalming Center
  • No infection or no contagious symptoms certificate by Health & Sanitation department
  • Coffin box certificate provided by the local funeral center
  • Passport of the deceased person for cancellation by the Indian authority
  • A consent letter signed by the head or close family member
  • Tickets for the air cargo and flight services

Our team will provide photocopies (10-12) of these documents as well because you need to submit them in both countries before and after repatriation.

3. Dead Body preparation -

It is the prime responsibility of Last Journey organization to offer top-notch safety, comfort and utmost dignity to the dead body. We shift it to the mortuary for preventing it from decomposition during the long hours of paperwork.

The body also undergoes the complex medical process named Embalming. An excellent team of doctors replaces the dead body fluid with certain chemicals mindfully. The team takes all precautions to prevent any kind of harm, skin deterioration and organ damage through -:

  • Arrangement of dead body freezer box
  • An ambulance van with all facilities
  • A fully air-conditioned steel container
  • A coffin box with metal lining and sealing property

4. Ticket booking -

The team immediately books air cargo tickets through online mode and flight services for the members accompanying the body during transportation. 

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