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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Belgium

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Dead Body Transport Service India to Belgium

It is mandatory to prepare and transport the dead body of a foreign citizen according to the guidelines of the state where the demise has occurred. The family members of the deceased person can lack here due to being unaware of the rules & protocols.

Last Journey organization helps such bereaved families will all the needful services. In our extended service catalog, Dead Body Repatriation from India to Belgium is also included. The team will act according to the guidelines determined by Indian authorities for safe, quick and legitimate repatriation.

A widely recognized funeral direction team in India, Last Journey takes charge of each responsibility immediately after getting hired by the client. We initiate covering the following aspects of the repatriation procedure through our promising and professional services.

  • Collecting the dead body and preparing it for air shipping
  • Apprising the local and higher authorities of India regarding transportation
  • Obtaining all the documents after mindfully reading them between the lines
  • Arrangements for the safety, dignity and domestic transportation of the dead body
  • Approaching Indian airlines for two-way air cargo service ticket booking
  • Keeping a track record of the deceased body during transportation
  • Updating the family of the departed person regarding all actions on a common portal designed by the team
  • Assisting the family in returning policy after repatriation

Apart from all the above-mentioned services, the team stands strongly with the family of departed persons throughout the process and resolves all issues in possibly minimum duration.

What is the professional assistance of Last Journey team in the Documentation procedure?

Shifting the human remains from India to Belgium falls under the category of a wholly legislative process. The team can move forward only after attaining clearances from authorized departments in the form of certificates and other documents.

As an experienced funeral direction entity, we help the family by providing the right information to the officials regarding the demise and departed person.

Here is the list of all essential custom documents that you must carry while shipping the dead body to Belgium.

  • A valid and clinical Death Certificate signed and stamped by the senior hospital authority.
  • Postmortem Report in the case of unnatural death.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the consulate authority or the local area police
  • A consent letter signed by the head of the family for repatriation
  • Certificate for the non-communicable disease spread through the body
  • Embalming reports
  • Coffin Box certificate
  • Passport for the cancellation
  • Air cargo tickets ( two-way services and flight services)
  • The ID of the persons participating in the repatriation

How do we prepare the dead body for safe air shipping?

Last Journey group does not fall short of highly skilled, certified and experienced members who are well-versed in taking care of the dead body and maintaining its utmost dignity.

The team books all necessary services that offer peace and comfort to the departed soul. Ambulance for local transportation, dead body freezer box services and booking a slot in an authorized mortuary are some prime demands of a dead body during the paperwork.

The body is forwarded to the Embalming Center where doctors enable the body to survive long hours through a mixture of chemicals and water. Now the body will be placed inside a sealed coffin box and shipped to the Indian airport for transportation.

Booking of two-way air cargo tickets -

The team contacts Indian Airlines for booking tickets for air cargo and flight services. In case, the body is shipped in the absence of family, the team member will accompany it till the final delivery in Belgium.

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