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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Denmark

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Denmark

A sudden demise of a beloved family member or a close friend shakes up the whole family. It becomes even more disturbing when the demise occurs miles away from the homeland in a foreign nation. Fortunately, several funeral direction teams are available to facilitate the dead body transportation services.

If you are going through a difficult phase of time after losing your loved one in India and looking for a reliable team that can shift it to Denmark, contact Last Journey organization for safe, quick and legal shipping.

Shifting a dead body or human remains from India to Denmark includes so many legal intricacies. Our team "Last Journey" is fully aware of the protocols, language complexities and procedures of preserving a dead body till the final delivery. These advantages will enhance the pace of legal paperwork procedures and lessen the complexities while local transportation of the body.

What are the major inclusions of our repatriation services?

  • Obtaining all the documents from local and higher Indian authorities
  • Shifting the dead body to a hospital mortuary and then embalming center
  • Arrangements for domestic transportation
  • Supply of metallic lined coffin box fit for international shipping
  • Ticket booking and tracking of the body

We as a reliable dead body shipping team provide all the information regarding transportation on a portal created by us.

Obtaining the documents & completing the paperwork -

The first and foremost step in repatriation is collecting all the necessary papers and certificates from different Indian departments. With the help of Last Journey team, you can speed up the process of attaining all the documents.

The list includes the below-listed documents.

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Postmortem report if needed
  3. No objection certificate (NOC)
  4. Passport of the departed person
  5. A certificate stating the no infection state of the dead body
  6. Consent letter signed by the head family member
  7. Embalming certificate
  8. Coffin box certificate
  9. Two-way ticket for air cargo services
  10. Identity proof of the funeral direction team and family members participating in repatriation.
  11. Sanitation report granted by the Indian Health and family welfare department.

These all documents will be asked for submission to both the countries' departments concerned with dead body transportation. Therefore having 8-10 photocopies of each document is mandatory.

Preparation of the dead body for transportation -

Another prime responsibility of Last Journey team in dead body transportation is maintaining the dignity of the deceased body and preparing it through embalming services. The team books an ambulance van equipped with all amenities.

We approach only certified teams of doctors for embalming services. In this complex medical process, a suitable mixture of chemicals and water is replaced with body fluid.

The next step followed by the team is, arranging a coffin box for shifting embalmed body inside it. For more safety and favorable conditions, we arrange an air-conditioned steel container. Do not forget to collect the certificates granted by these authoritative groups.

Booking the tickets for transportation of the dead body -

After finishing the time-consuming paperwork and body preparation, our team members utilize the contacts with Indian airline companies for booking tickets.

We book "two-way air cargo tickets and flight tickets." The two-way air cargo services lessen the responsibilities of the deceased's family in return procedures.

Why one should choose us for dead body transportation from India to Denmark?

  • Knowledge and experience of shifting the remains in Denmark for years.
  • Fully professional services but with a sense of sympathy & compassion.
  • Regular updates of the process on the portal created for the family. 
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