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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation services from India to France

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Dead Body Transportation from India to France

Handling all aspects of dead body transportation simultaneously requires proficiency and enough experience. If a deceased's family plans to perform self-transportation, concerns regarding unfamiliarity with protocols, guidelines and language puzzle a lot. Here the chances of body damage also increased due to lack of in-depth knowledge.

To skip all these above-mentioned difficulties during dead body transportation from India to France, you can hire one of the best funeral direction organizations in India - Last Journey.

Our team exceeds the expectations of clients by smoothly concluding the complex procedure of repatriation in less time than expected.

Which services are included in our Dead Body Transportation from India to France?

To provide the utmost dignity, safety and comfort to the mortal remains of your beloved one and comply with the rules determined by Indian authorities, Last Journey team divides its services into the below-listed points.

  • Informing the higher Indian authorities regarding the demise of a French citizen in India
  • Obtaining all essential documents from different Indian departments as a legal permit
  • Ensuring the safety of the dead body through embalming services
  • Provision of coffin box, ambulance van, cooling cabinets, AC container and booking slot in mortuary etc.
  • Informing family members through an online portal for their least physical inclusion in the complex procedure
  • Booking the tickets for final travel arrangements from India to France
  • Assistance to the family in returning the belongings of Indian authority after repatriation

These services cover each essential aspect of the legitimate dead body transportation from India to France.

How do we help the bereaved family in safely returning the remains?

Last Journey team stands firmly with the mourning family who has just lost a beloved one and staying miles away from the remains in the last moments.

The below-given steps describe our serving method the best.

  1. Initially, the team informs the higher authorities and asks them to register the death for granting the export permit.
  2. Now it heads toward the hospital authority to collect the clinical Death Certificate. It must include the cause of death and information should be in English language.
  3. The body will be shifted to the embalming center for the substitution of body fluid with a chemical mixture.
  4. The embalmed body rests inside a certified coffin box that fulfills all the demands determined by the Indian authority for international transportation.
  5. The team will collect the embalming certificate and coffin box certificate after the completion of services.
  6. In the end, the team approaches the Indian airlines to book the two-way air cargo services along with flight services.
  7. In case of unaccompanied dead body shipping, the team members of Last Journey organization will travel with it. Delivering the remains at the doorstep of the receiver in France will also be our responsibility. 
  8. After repatriation, the team will assist the family in returning the belongings of the Indian government through a two-way air cargo facility.

Apart from these fundamental services, we strive to fulfill the personalized demands of clients if possible.

Why choose Last Journey for shifting the remains to their final resting place in France from India?

The specific features of Last Journey enable it to make it preferable to other funeral direction teams.

  1. The team holds in-depth information about protocols described for the airlifting of a deceased body.
  2. We strive to include the disturbed family members least in the paperwork and other tasks. It helps in mourning their loss in peace.
  3. The years of experience accumulated by the team members enable them to conclude the task on time without any glitches.
  4. Last Journey hires only highly skilled team members for the execution of tasks.

The cost and time consumption during deporting the remains depends on the services you hire and the speed of the documentation procedure respectively.  

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