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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Germany

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Germany

The pain of losing a close family member or friend is unbearable undoubtedly but the overseas demise enhances the pain manifolds. Several concerns pop up in the mind of the deceased's family regarding protocols, paperwork, time consumption and most importantly the safety of the body.

Here comes the importance of a professional funeral director that can take care of each aspect even in the absence of the deceased's family.

Last Journey is a rapidly emerging funeral direction company in India that serves bereaved families with its top-notch quality services. The vast service range of our team includes Dead Body Transportation from India to Germany as well.

What are the key inclusions of Last Journey team in safe & legal shipping?

The team acts promptly for ensuring the safety and dignity of the dead body. Apart from that, our highly skilled team members complete the legal paperwork effortlessly.

Whether it is notifying the higher & local authorities or booking tickets for air cargo and flight services, you need not worry as we are standing sternly with you.

  • Obtaining permit and clearance
  • Collecting all the necessary custom documents
  • Booking ambulance, cooling boxes and a mortuary slot for the safety of the dead body
  • Embalming services
  • Ticket booking
  • Sending the body to the airport
  • Accompanying the dead body if nobody is traveling with it.

These all prime responsibilities will be fulfilled by the team with great sincerity.

Step -1. Informing the authorities and documentation -

Immediately after receiving the application from the deceased's family, the team informs the Indian consulate, local police and nearby hospital authority for attaining different clearances. As a permit, these departments grant a Transit Permit, NOC and Death Certificate respectively.

Step -2. Collecting the body and shifting to a safe place -

It is the prime service of our funeral direction team to ward off all the obstacles and causes harming the deceased body. We shift the body from the place of demise to the hospital for medical examination through an ambulance van equipped with all the amenities.

If the paperwork takes long hours, the team will book a place in the mortuary for preventing its decomposition. A dead body cooling box will also be available if the body needs it during domestic transportation.

The team takes permission from the family before sending the body for Embalming services as it is prohibited in some religions. Embalming enables the body to remain fresh during the whole transportation period due to the replacement of body fluid with a mixture of chemicals and water.

Step - 3. Arranging all the custom documents from Indian departments -

The team offers a list including all the papers and certificates that are crucial for legitimate repatriation. It includes -:

  • Death certificate issued by the hospital authority
  • A certificate confirming the proper embalming process
  • Certificate from the Department of Sanitary & Epidemiology ensuring the noncontagious state of the dead body.
  • A coffin box certificate ensures the sealed box carrying the human remains
  • Passport of the deceased for cancellation.
  • NOC
  • Transit Permit
  • Tickets for two-way air cargo services

Step - 4. Booking online tickets for two-way air cargo services -

The team will book tickets for two-way air cargo services and flight services on behalf of the deceased's family. Such services help the bereaved family in returning any documents and belongings to Indian authorities.

Why choose us?

A few points make us unique.

  1. Minimal involvement of the family
  2. 24×7 services all days
  3. Contacts with consulates and local authorities
  4. Rational prices for the service
  5. Credibility and sympathy toward bereaved family 
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