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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Ghana

Accreditation & Affiliation

Dead Body Transportation from India to Ghana

Working with a certified funeral director for bringing your beloved one back home is beneficial in several ways. Are you looking for a reliable Indian team for shifting the dead body to Ghana in a professional manner? Last Journey can meet all your expectations.

The team has gained commendable experience by concluding several repatriation projects under the protocols, guidelines and rules described by the countries.

The team assures the deceased's family of safe, quick, legal, and reliable transportation. We stand strongly with the family from the beginning to the end of the process and assist them with the right information.

What are the key features of our Dead Body Transportation Services?

Through the below-listed points, we cover all the requirements of the deceased family as well as the dead body. Whether it is legal paperwork or shifting the body to a safe place, you'll find Last Journey team ready to guide & assist you.

  • Getting clearance from hospital authorities & embassies for transportation
  • Obtaining a police NOC
  • Sending the body for examination and embalming
  • Arranging Coffin Box & AC container for the safety of the body
  • Booking tickets for two-way air cargo services

Every Last Journey team member acts only after getting permitted by the team, legal authorities and the deceased's family.

1. Obtaining Clearance through Paperwork -

First, the team makes all the local & higher authorities aware of the demise of a Ghana citizen in India. After that, the team shifts the body to a certified hospital for examination and attaining the Death Certificate.

The death certificate of the deceased person must include-

  • Name, age and gender of the deceased person
  • The cause of the death must be mentioned clearly in it
  • Timing, Day and Place of the death are also integral parts of it
  • The language of the death certificate should be English as it is a widely accepted language in nearly all countries.

In the case of unnatural death, the team will aid you shift the body to a postmortem house. An FIR will also be logged regarding the cause of death under the protocol.

The local police also grant permission for forwarding the dead body to the next stages of repatriation in the form of a No Objection Certificate (NOC).

2. Embalming of the deceased body -

To slow down the process of decomposition, embalming is mandatory. We approach only certified doctors for the embalming process. In this process, the body fluid is replaced with a mixture of chemicals and water.

3. Arranging Coffin Box -

To place the body safely, the team arranges a coffin box with the perfect sealing quality. For a more favorable atmosphere, an air-conditioned container is also provided by the team.

4. The essential documents required for the repatriation -

  • Death Certificate
  • NOC
  • Postmortem Report if needed
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box Certificate
  • Transit Permit
  • No infection certificate
  • Passport of the deceased person
  • ID proof of the family member
  • Two-way tickets for air cargo services

Here you must have these documents in both formats, the original and the photocopies.


5. Booking the tickets -

The team books the two-way air cargo tickets on the behalf of deceased's family. If no one is accompanying the dead body, the team member will travel along with the cargo.

For timely delivery, you need to provide us with the below-given details of the cargo receiver in Ghana.

  1. Name of the person
  2. Contact details of the person
  3. Address where the cargo delivery is expected 
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