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Dead Body Transportation services from India to Guyana

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Dead Body Transportation services from India to Guyana

Arrangements for a dead body transportation from India to Guyana through self-services can be puzzling for the deceased's family. It includes too much legal paperwork, safety measures for the dead body and obstacles in understanding the language & guidelines etc.

The companionship of a professional funeral direction team - Last Journey can ease the dead body transportation from India to Guyana. Right after getting unfortunate news of your close one's demise, you can inform Last Journey team and hire us for professional services through easy steps.

  • Contact the team through the provided number
  • Share the essential details like the location of demise, final delivery and documents etc.
  • Know the price of services and book the team immediately.

Know the primarily included services in our professional repatriation assistance -

The team executes each task associated with dead body shifting with great sincerity and professionalism. Attaining the permit of family and authorities before each step makes Last Journey distinct from others.

Through the below-given services, our team covers the entire complex procedure of dead body transportation.

  • Informing the concerned authorities of India and Guyana regarding dead body shifting
  • Collecting the crucial papers from different departments of India as a permit or clearance
  • Provision of ambulance van for domestic transportation, freezer box, coffin box and AC container etc.
  • Forwarding the dead body for the embalming process at a certified embalming center
  • Arrangements of final shipping through two-way air cargo services
  • Guiding & updating the family members through an online portal created by Last Journey team

These services are executed by the well-versed teammates of Last Journey who have proficiency and experience in dead body transportation tasks.

What are the steps in which we conclude the whole Dead Body Transportation from India to Guyana?

Being a complex, legal and time-consuming procedure, it demands a structured way of performing each task.

  1. The team begins the process by seeking a permit from the Indian embassy about displacing the remains from India to Guyana. It grants an Export or Transit Permit to the team.
  2. The team collects the body and shifts to the mortuary till the paperwork goes on. For collecting the body, we need a NOC (no objection certificate) from the local police.
  3. To receive a clinical Death Certificate, our team members approach the authorized hospital authority of India. We check each detail mentioned on the Death Certificate mindfully.
  4. Now the dead body is sent to the embalming center. Here the doctors cover the body with a suitable mixture of chemicals and water. It slows down the decomposition of dead bodies.
  5. The embalmed body is placed in a coffin box that follows the guidelines for international shipping. The team ensures the perfect covering and sealing of the coffin box.
  6. Now we book two-way air cargo tickets for the dead body transportation along with flight tickets for accompanying family members. After booking tickets online, the team shifts the body to the airport 3-4 hours before final delivery. We will get the airport clearance from authorities as well.
  7. If the body is shipped unaccompanied or in the absence of family members, one or two Last Journey team members will travel with the cargo till the doorstep delivery in Guyana.

How much time and cost does Dead Body Transportation from India to Guyana require?

Both factors are variable during the repatriation process. The time depends on the documentation process while the cost solely relies on the type of services and equipment you are providing to the departed soul.

Last Journey team will stand strongly with the bereaved family from beginning to end. Apart from professional services our empathetic  & compassionate way will lessen your pain during the most difficult journey. 

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