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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Italy

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Italy

The procedure, timing and cost of a dead body transportation from India to Italy include too many complexities to tackle. Well, there is no objection to performing a self-transportation but in such disturbing times handling all responsibilities on your own will be painful.

One can take professional assistance from a skilled, renowned and experienced funeral direction team to ease the dead body shipping procedure. Last Journey is one such organization that serves needfuls at the forefront position in India.

Our team will strive to fulfill each requirement linked to the dead body's safety, Indian authorities and the family of the deceased person. From registering the death and informing higher authorities to delivering the remains safely to the doorstep of the receiver in Italy, Last Journey takes charge of each responsibility.

What are the necessary documents for sending the dead body back home to Italy from India?

Here are the 10 most crucial documents without which one can not displace the dead body from India to Italy.

  1. Passport of the deceased person (Italy) in the original state
  2. If the person was a temporary resident in India, present the residential details like bills of electricity,  water and other services
  3. Police report or NOC stating the clearance for forwarding the body further in the direction of repatriation
  4. Postmortem reports if death occurred due to murder, accident or suicide etc.
  5. Death Certificate granted by the hospital authority of India with English translation (clearly mentioning the cause of death)
  6. Medical reports of the dead body signed by the senior doctor or medical examination officer
  7. Embalming reports given by doctors stating the assurance of proper embalming
  8. Coffin Box certificate for the proper covering and sealing of the dead body inside the coffin box
  9. A consent letter given by the funeral direction team that ensures all the guidelines are followed during air shipping
  10. Details of the tickets booked for two-way air cargo services and flight services for accompanying family members

Along with these essential documents, you must carry clearance from the airport authority of India for dead body shipping, no infection certificate by the health department and a Transit permit given by the Indian Embassy.

Not only the original documents but 8-10 photocopies of each document will be required for submission during legal paperwork. The team will help you in collecting copies of each paper.

Why it is mandatory to send the dead body for embalming services in international transportation?

Another integral element besides the documentation process in our dead body shipping assistance is, providing the best facilities to the dead body for preventing it from decomposition. 

Embalming is one such complex medical treatment that secures vulnerable human remains from several kinds of damage. The doctor injects the mixture of chemicals and water and replaces the dead body fluid with it.

A layer of chemicals is also coated on the outside of the dead body that keeps it fresh till the last moments before final rites. Last Journey team approaches only certified embalming centers for such purposes.

What are the other arrangements made by Last Journey team?

Our team books -:

  • A well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation of the dead body
  • Book a slot in the mortuary during the documentation process
  • Keeps the body in a dead body freezer box
  • Provide a sealed coffin box with metal lining at the corners
  • An AC container of metal for more secure shipping

What are the two-way air cargo services of Last Journey organization?

It is the specific services provided by the team to the deceased's family members. Through two-way air cargo services, you can ship the dead body and return the belongings to Indian authorities after repatriation. It saves time and effort for the bereaved family in their difficult times. 

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