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Dead Body Transportation from India to Malaysia

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Malaysia

Transferring the human remains of a Malaysian citizen from India to the native country (Malaysia) includes several legal works. To ease the complex process of dead body transportation, hiring a reliable shipping team is quite beneficial.

Last Journey organization is a leading funeral direction team in India. Highly skilled and certified team members of Last Journey organization are well-versed in completing legal formalities and maintaining the dignity of the deceased body during repatriation.

Families or individuals who are looking for professional help regarding Dead Body Transportation from India to Malaysia can easily contact our team for promising services.

Which responsibilities are included in our repatriation services?

The team is familiar with the rules and guidelines described by Indian and Malaysian authorities for safe, legal, and dignified dead body transportation. Including all the aspects of the repatriation procedure, we divide the task into the below-listed subtasks.

  • Seeking permit from higher and local authorities for transportation
  • Sending the body for medical examination and embalming
  • Arranging safety services for the deceased body
  • Collecting all the documents & certificates for submission
  • Booking tickets and final delivery of remains in Malaysia

Here is the whole guide including our working method in shipping the dead body to its final resting place.

1. Obtaining legal permission -

Right after getting instructions from the deceased's family, the team proceeds further for informing the local as well as the higher authorities. The local police grant a No Objection Certificate to the team after primary interrogation.

2. Sending the body for medical examination -

The team books a well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation. We assist the family members in sending the body for medical examination by a certified medical officer. After getting assured of the cause of death (natural death), a valid Death Certificate is issued by the hospital authority.

The death certificate of the deceased person includes -

  • Name, age, gender and other fundamental information
  • Cause of the death
  • Timing of the death
  • Sign and stamp of the hospital authority

The team checks the mentioned information very mindfully before receiving it.

3. Embalming service -

To enable the deceased body to survive during the long transportation journey, it is mandatory to send the body for embalming. A certified doctor in India replaces the body fluid with a specific chemical substitute. This enables the body to remain fresh till the final delivery.

The team arranges a quality coffin box with perfect sealing property to keep the embalmed body inside it. Now the deceased body is ready for shipping to Malaysia through the airways.

4. List of all documents and papers -

Last Journey team knows about all the necessary documents that play a pivotal role in the legal work. The list includes below given documents & certificates.

  • Death Certificate
  • NOC
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Transit Permit
  • Certificate of disposition
  • Passport of the deceased person
  • Certificate ensuring the noninfectious state of the body
  • Two-way tickets for the air freight services

Along with the original documents, the team ranges 8-10 photocopies of each document. These copies will be submitted to the concerned departments in India and Malaysia.

5. Online ticket booking -

Last Journey has detailed information and contacts of the Indian airline companies that provide two-way air cargo services for foreign states including Malaysia. We book online tickets for air cargo and flight services.

In the case of no companionship by the family member with the dead body during transportation, a team member will accompany it.

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