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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Mauritius

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Mauritius


The leading funeral direction organization in India, Last Journey Team provides worldwide Body Repatriation services. These services include all requirements of the deceased body and the bereaved family who is concerned with the legal work & safe transportation.

You can simply hire us for the Dead Body Transportation from India to Mauritius through a phone call. Inform the team regarding the location of the deceased body and share other crucial details.


What do our Body Repatriation Services include?

The highly skilled and experienced team of Last Journey Body Repatriation Services takes great care of the deceased body and mindfully conducts the legal paperwork.

  • Accessing the location of the deceased person and the portal of our client where the team can inform the family regarding updates.
  • Fulfilling responsibilities of the documentation process.
  • Collecting the body from the place of demise.
  • Sending the body for medical examination, embalming and other services for preventing skin damage through an ambulance van.
  • Supply of a standard and certified coffin box.
  • Booking air cargo tickets and flight tickets from India to Mauritius.
  • Sealing the coffin box for safe air shipping.
  • Delivering the cargo to the Indian airport for final transportation.
  • Tracking the location of cargo after deporting it from India.
  • Assistance in receiving a few papers and belongings of Indian authority from Mauritius after repatriation.


These all services will be offered by our well-versed teammates of Last Journey organization with sincerity, compassion and professionalism.


What are the requirements for a legal, quick and dignified repatriation from India to Mauritius?

Being a complex procedure, the dead body transportation requires several certificates and papers according to the described protocols of the Indian authority.

The list of documents includes -

  • Death Certificate of the departed person by certified hospital authority.
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) by local police
  • Transit permit by the Indian Embassy
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box certificate
  • Document assuring the noninfectious state of the dead body
  • Passport of the deceased person for cancellation
  • The ID of the family member & the sponsoring team participating in repatriation
  • Tickets for flight service and two-way air cargo services

All of the above-listed documents must be in their original format but you need to have at least 10 photocopies of each document. These copies will be submitted to the concerned departments of the Indian authority.

How does our team prepare the deceased body for repatriation?

The team ensures the deceased's family that the human remains of your beloved one will attain the utmost dignity and care under our guidance. We approach only certified doctors for the embalming process. It enables the body to survive for a long duration without getting withered and damaged.

We arrange a metallic sealed coffin box for placing the dead body safely inside it. To ensure safety up to a maximum extent, the team also provides an air-conditioned container where you can place a coffin box inside

What is a two-way air cargo service for repatriation?

Last Journey team books online tickets for two-way services for repatriation. Through this service, the deceased's family can return the belongings of Indian authority without visiting here again after the dead body reaches its final resting place.

Along with air cargo services, we will book flight tickets for the family members who are accompanying the dead body during transportation. If the family is willing to transport the body without their inclusion in shipping, an experienced teammate will travel with the cargo.

For this we require,

  • Name of the receiver in Mauritius
  • Contact details
  • Address
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