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Dead Body Transportation from India to Nigeria

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Nigeria

Last Journey organization provides Dead Body Transportation services with a sense of assurance regarding the safety & dignity of the dead body. Widely extended services of our organization also include Dead Body Transportation from India to Nigeria as well.

You can simply contact the team through provided number and share all the essential details related to the deceased person. The team will immediately take charge of shipping the body from India to Nigeria.

Our services include all the legal formalities, paperwork, and safety measurements for the deceased body. The team will assist the deceased's family member in providing the right information to the concerned departments of India as well as Nigeria for legitimate transportation.

What does our team offer as a professional dead body shipping team?

The team has gleaned good experience, insight, and knowledge related to the required things for quick repatriation.

Have a glimpse of what we arrange for the deceased body and its shifting at the final place.

  • Shifting or removal of the dead body from the place of death
  • Obtaining all the documents asked by the receiving departments
  • Arranging a certified shipping container
  • Sending the body for medical examination and embalming
  • Providing ambulance van for domestic transportation
  • Booking of the ticket and delivering the body to the airport

Last Journey team acts in a structured manner to conclude the procedure on time.

1. Notifying the authorities and completing paperwork -

The initial step taken by our team is to inform the embassies of India and Nigeria regarding the demise of a Nigerian citizen in India. After attaining the permit for transition, we collect the body and shift it to the mortuary.

Now the body is sent further for a medical examination by a certified officer. After analyzing the state of human remains and assuring of the cause of death, a valid Death Certificate is granted to the family.

The team also informs the local area police where the person was residing or staying temporarily. Local police provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC) after doing the primary inspection.

2. Preparing the body for air shipping -

For the international transportation of the dead body, offering it a safe environment is mandatory. The team arranges cooling cabinets, a sealed casket or a coffin box and an air-conditioned container for shipping.

Before placing the body in a sealed coffin box, the dead body goes through the embalming process. This process is done by a certified doctor in which he/she substitutes the body fluid with a mixture of chemicals and water. It enables the body to survive for long hours.

3. Collecting the certificates/documents for smooth repatriation -

Several legal papers are required for completing the dead body transportation. Here is a list of all those documents rounded up by the team.

  • Death Certificate
  • NO
  • Transit Permit
  • No infection certificate
  • Passport of the deceased person
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box Certificate
  • ID proof of the family member accompanying in repatriation
  • Tickets for air cargo services

These are the prime documents one needs for hassle-free repatriation from India to Nigeria. All of these documents will be checked in original format and the Xerox copies of each one will be submitted at different departments of Indian authority.

4. Booking of the ticket and final delivery to Nigeria -

The long experience of Last Journey team in dead body transportation gives a glimpse into its working pattern. For example, we are aware of all those Indian airlines that offer two-way services for air cargo shipping. The team books such ticket online and deliver the body at the domestic airport of India.

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