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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Saudi Arabia

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Saudi Arabia

Being near a close family member in the last moments is the strongest desire of the family that is stuck miles away in another country. Last Journey lends a helping hand to such families who are striving for bringing the deceased body back home.

As a forefront funeral direction organization in India, Last Journey has gained good experience in shipping dead bodies to several countries in the utmost safe & dignified manner.

Dead Body Transportation from India to Saudi Arabia is also included in our service catalog. From obtaining all the documents to preventing the dead body from decomposition, Last Journey group will stand sternly with you throughout the procedure.

Requirements for swift, legal and obstacle-free repatriation -

Several documents certify that the deceased body is ready for shipping through the airways. Therefore you need to obtain them from diverse concerned departments of Indian authorities. Last Journey will guide you in collecting the right document and mindfully reading the information mentioned on it.

  1. Transit Permit
  2. Death Certificate
  3. No Objection Certificate
  4. Embalming Certificate
  5. Coffin Box Certificate
  6. Passport of the deceased
  7. The ID of sponsoring funeral direction team & family member
  8. Certificate for assuring Noncontagious state of body
  9. Tickets for air freight services
  10. Consent letter by the family of the deceased person

These documents must be valid and signed by the head of the concerned departments. Information about the deceased person should be mentioned in these documents in both languages (accepted by India & Saudi Arabia).

What steps does Last Journey follow for safe & dignified repatriation?

Through the below-listed services, Last Journey team covers all requirements of a deceased body as well as the bereaved family who is willing to be with the beloved one as soon as possible.

  • The team notifies the embassies of both countries (India & Saudi Arabia), local authorities, police and hospital authority for obtaining different clearances (death certificate, NOC and Transit Permit).
  • Team members shift the body to the hospital for medical examination and then to a mortuary to prevent decomposition.
  • Now the body will be forwarded to an embalming center for injecting the necessary chemical and water mixture. It prevents the body from getting decayed till final delivery.
  • The arrangement of a sealed coffin box and an air-conditioned metal container also belongs to our responsibility criteria.
  • The team will transport the embalmed body to the domestic airport of India for transportation through two-way air cargo services. We will also book tickets for air freight through the online booking process.

The team will accompany the deceased body in transportation if no family member chooses to travel along with it. In that case, the team will collect basic information about the receiver present in Saudi Arabia.

This information includes -

  • Name of the person
  • Contact Details
  • Address where the final delivery is expected including pin and nearby landmark location.

What is the cost and time consumption of dead body transportation from India to Saudi Arabia?

These two factors solely depend on the varying nature of the procedure. The cost includes so many factors like services provided to the dead body, used equipment and chosen flight services etc. While the time taken in the dead body transportation depends upon the pace of legal procedure and documentation.

Why choose Last Journey?

Our team is widely recognized for the professionalism we offer to our clients but the empathy & compassion towards the deceased's family make us unique in the field of funeral direction. Last Journey team hires only skilled and certified team members for services. 

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