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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Singapore

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Singapore

The globalized services of Last Journey organization related to all funeral direction works include Dead Body Transportation from India to Singapore. The professional services offered by our team in safe, dignified and legal repatriation are totally value for money.

We assure the deceased's family members of fulfilling all the duties included in the complex repatriation process.

You can contact Last Journey team for shipping the deceased body of your beloved one back home to Singapore. The team will take charge of the entire project right after receiving the call and stand sternly till the final delivery.

What are the protocols and guidelines described by Indian authorities for a repatriation process?

Last Journey team is completely aware of the instructions given by the higher & local authorities of India. We do not miss any point while guiding the family for safe and quick transportation.

  • Registration of death at local and higher authorities including the Indian embassy
  • Medical reports and death certificates must be issued by a certified hospital authority
  • A detailed police report (NOC) will be required
  • A consent letter by a close kin of the deceased person is essential

These are some prime legal requirements of Indian authorities for smooth and quick dead body transportation from India to Singapore.

How does the team work for completing repatriation?

Last Journey team deploys the best and most highly skilled members for such sincere tasks. We divide the whole complex process into several subtasks.

1. Attaining death certificate and clearance from hospital authorities -

Before shipping the body to the native land, a thorough medical examination is a must by a certified medical officer. The team forwards the body for this purpose after collecting it safely from the place of demise or mortuary.

In the case of natural demise, the doctor grants a valid death certificate that includes all the prime information of the departed person. The cause of death should be written on it.

2. NOC from local police & Embalming the dead body -

The team assists the family member in providing the right information regarding the departed person to the local area police. They grant a No Objection Certificate as a clearance.

Now the prime focus of Last Journey shifts to the preparation of the dead body for final shipping through airways. We send it to the certified Embalming center. Here the body fluid is replaced with water and a chemical mixture through a medical process.

The team places the embalmed body in a quality coffin box that fulfills the criteria of all guidelines regarding safe shipping.  We can also provide an air-conditioned container for even more safe & dignified shipping.

3. Documents arrangement for submission -

Team knows about all the necessary papers, certificates and documents that play a pivotal role in legal repatriation. To lessen the chances of missing any single document, we provide a list including all of them.

  • Death Certificate of the deceased person
  • NOC
  • Transit Permit
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Box certificate
  • Passport for cancellation
  • ID proof of accompanying members
  • No infection certificate
  • Consent letter from the family
  • Tickets for a two-way air cargo service

4. Final delivery to the airport -

The team provides the facility of a well-equipped van for domestic transportation. After online booking of the two-way air cargo tickets, we shift the body to the Indian airport. If there is no companion with the remains, our reliable and skilled teammate will travel along with it.

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