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Dead Body Transportation from India to South Africa

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Dead Body Transportation from India to South Africa

Last Journey organization provides affordable dead body transportation services from India to South Africa. Taking care of all the necessary legitimate works and the safety of the dead body comes under our professional services.

The team has contacts with Indian and foreign embassies, local authorities of India, embalming centers, government hospitals and local mortuaries etc. This enables the team to conduct the transportation on time.

If you have lost a beloved one in India and want to bring him/her back to South Africa, consider Last Journey team just a call away. Our promising professional services are blended with empathy and compassion to serve the deceased's family in all possible ways.

For providing a smooth and stress-free dead body shipping service, Last Journey works with only highly skilled and experienced workers. Deploying each task to a small subgroup eases the whole cumbersome procedure of repatriation.

How do we help the deceased's family through a stepwise safe and legal shipping process?

Here are the steps that our team follows for quick transportation of the human remains of a South African citizen.

  • The documentation process for transportation
  • Collecting the dead body and shifting at safe locations
  • Arranging safety services for the deceased body
  • Embalming services and medical examination
  • Buying a   or sealed casket
  • Booking online tickets for two-way air cargo services

Here is the 5 step process of dead body transportation that includes all the requirements of the deceased body as well as the legal work conducted under protocols.

Step - 1. Informing the local authorities of India & South Africa -

The team members of the organization follow the initial step of informing the embassies of both the countries included in legal repatriation (India & South Africa). After attaining permission the team proceeds for further formalities.

The team will also notify the local police authority of the area where the person was residing or staying temporarily in India. They grant a No Objection Certificate commonly known as NOC.

Step 2 - Medical Examination and Death Certificate

To attain a valid Death Certificate from an authorized Indian hospital, the dead body goes under the primary examination. In case of a natural demise, the certified medical office issues a signed and stamped Death Certificate.

The death certificate includes all the essential and basic information about the deceased person. The cause of death should also be written clearly on it.  Last Journey team mindfully reads the information before receiving this crucial document.

If the death occurs due to some unnatural reasons, the body will be sent forward for the postmortem.

Step - 3. Embalming of the body -

Our team approaches only certified doctors for embalming services for the dead body. This medical process enables the deceased body to remain fresh and unharmed till the final rites.

The team safely places the embalmed body inside a coffin box and seals it perfectly so that the odor and fluid can not come outside. Now the body is ready for shipping through air cargo services.

Step - 4. List of Documents -

  • Death Certificate
  • NOC
  • Postmortem report if needed
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Passport of the deceased
  • Transit Permit
  • Certificate of noninfectious stage
  • Two-way air cargo tickets

Step -5. Online ticket booking -

Last Journey team members book online tickets for two-way air cargo service. Through this service, the deceased's family can return the belongings of Indian authorities without visiting here twice.

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Effortlessly plan a dignified farewell with our 3-step process - Quick, Reliable, and Hassle-Free.




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