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Dead Body Transportation from India to Sri Lanka

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Sri Lanka

To send a dead body of a Sri Lankan citizen to the native country from India demands the involvement of an experienced funeral director. The family of the deceased can lack in various fields such as completing the documentation process, the safety of the dead body, and obstacle-free shipping of the remains.

Last Journey organization provides professional assistance to the deceased's family in shifting the dead body to its final resting place. Our experienced team exceeds the expectation of the concerned family by taking less time in the entire process of Dead Body Transportation from India to Sri Lanka.

What are the requirements for carrying the dead body back to Sri Lanka from India?

Due to being a legal process and including several protocols, repatriation requires the below-listed documents.

  • An application from the deceased family regarding dead body transportation.
  • Registering the death of that Sri Lankan citizen in India.
  • Passport of Sri Lankan citizen for cancellation in India.
  • Death Certificate of the deceased person by Indian Authority in English.
  • A freight certificate issued by the coffin box service center
  • Details of flight (tickets, timing, and location of shipping)
  • Embalming report of the deceased person
  • Consent letter signed by the family for transportation
  • No objection certificate (NOC)
  • Postmortem report in case of unnatural death

In the presence of all these documents, smooth and quick dead-body transportation takes place. Last Journey team provides in-depth information to the family regarding the concerned departments from where they can receive the needfuls.

What clearances are compulsory before initiating the repatriation process?

Informing the higher and local authorities of both countries which are included in the dead body transportation is mandatory. Only after granting the legitimate permission, the team can proceed forward in the direction of safe and dignified transportation.

Last Journey collects the dead body in the presence of local area police and receives NOC as a clearance. The very next step of our team is to shift the body to a local hospital mortuary where a medical officer examines the body. After getting assured about the death cause, it grants a valid clinical death certificate.

The death certificate includes all the necessary information about the deceased person. You must read them carefully before signing on to the receiving column.

  • Name, age, and gender of the deceased person
  • The reason for death must be written on it
  • Time, day, and date of demise
  • Sign of the senior health authority

Death Certificate is one of the most crucial documents for dead body transportation from India to Sri Lanka, therefore all the details should be in the English language.

To attain the transit permit for shipping the body from India to Sri Lanka, the team approaches Indian Consulate.

How do we prepare the deceased body for air shipping?

Offering a safe environment and utmost dignity to the dead body is Last Journey team's prime responsibility. After medical examination, the body is forwarded to an Embalming Center where a certified group of doctors replaces the body fluid with a mixture of specific chemicals and water.

This complex medical procedure enhances the survival duration of the deceased body. It also protects the body from decomposition, withering or skin deterioration.

The final duty- Booking the tickets for cargo & flight facilities

After fulfilling all the service duties the team contacts the Indian airline companies for providing a two-way air cargo ticket for the scheduled flight from India to Sri Lanka.

The team will deliver the body to the domestic airport of India as well through an equipped ambulance service.

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