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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to Suriname

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Dead Body Transportation from India to Suriname

International dead body transportation includes several responsibilities related to the legal work and safety of the dead body or mortal remains. Self-transportation in the most painful hours of life aches the heart the most. If you are willing to bring back the dead body or remains back to Suriname from India in a professional & legal way, hire the renowned Last Journey team.

Our team takes charge of each smallest to biggest challenge that falls in the way of Dead Body Transportation from India to Suriname. In-depth information on determined guidelines, the experience of several years and skills provided to the team members in training etc help us in resolving the uncertain issues during repatriation. 

What are the requirements that our team fulfills for safe, legal & dignified transportation?

Requirements in international dead body transportation come in the form of documents, certificates and valid papers. Here is the list including all those essential papers that will provide you clearance from Indian authorities for shifting the dead body to its final resting place in Suriname.

  • A clinical Death Certificate issued by the health department clearly stating the cause, time and other crucial details regarding the death & deceased person.
  • Passport of the deceased person in both original as well as photocopy format (front & last page mandatory)
  • Certificate for Non-Contagious stage of the dead body by the Health & Sanitation Department of India
  • Non-epidemic certificate for the dead body (especially in the COVID times)
  • Certificate for embalming services
  • Closing & sealing of the coffin certificate
  • A consent letter given by the family member for shipping the remains
  • Clearance from the airport authority for accepting the dead body or remains for cargo services
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the local police or Indian consulate
  • Details of Air tickets booked for two-way air cargo services & flight services for family members
  • Postmortem reports if the death occurred due to an unnatural cause
  • IDs of team members and family members who are participants in repatriation

Last Journey Funeral Direction organization is well-versed in obtaining all the above-mentioned documents. The teammates know about the departments that grant a specific clearance in proceeding with the further steps.

What are the other services included in our Repatriation package?

Last Journey gives 360° coverage to the dead body transportation from India to Suriname through the below-listed services.

  1. We notify the higher and local authorities of India about the shifting of the dead body from India to Suriname.
  2. Shifting the dead body to a certified mortuary attached to the hospital authority
  3. Forwarding the dead body for the embalming process for prevention from decay and damage
  4. Arrangement of ambulance van, dead body freezer box, coffin box and air conditioning metal container etc.
  5. Booking two-way air cargo tickets and flight tickets for safe & comfortable dead body shipping.

All these facilities will be provided by the highly skilled team members. They will establish contacts with the higher & local authorities on behalf of family members to lessen the time taken in the documentation procedure.

Why embalming is essential for dead body transportation from India to Suriname?

Embalming secures the deceased body from several damaging elements. Unfavorable weather conditions, sudden jerks during shifting and long hours of traveling can cause severe damage to the vulnerable dead body.

In embalming the body is covered with chemicals that slow down the pace of decomposition. The body fluid is also replaced with a specific chemical mixture that keeps the body fresh till the final rites in Suriname.

At the end, the embalmed body is placed in a certified coffin box. Proper sealing of the coffin box acts as a dual safety layer for the deceased body during the transition. 

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