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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from India to UAE

Dead Body Transportation from India to UAE

Sending back the deceased body of a citizen of the United Arab Emirates from India falls under a task repleted with protocols, legalities, paperwork, and body security. Though the self transportation is open in such scenarios by a close kin of the deceased, taking the professional help of funeral direction can ease the procedure in several ways.

For Dead Body Transportation from India to UAE, one can hire the renowned Last Journey funeral direction team of India.

What are the key services of Last Journey group in repatriation?

The team leaves no stone unturned in exceeding the expectation of the deceased's family by offering the utmost safety and dignity to the dead body of their beloved one. Along with it, our highly skilled team members complete the entire paperwork mindfully which is mandatory for repatriation.

These tasks include the below-listed requirements.

  • Informing the authorities
  • Access clearance from concerned departments of India
  • Arranging documents, certificates, and permits, etc
  • Ambulance van, coffin box, booking in mortuary, freezer, or AC container by the team.
  • Embalming services
  • Online ticket booking for Two-Way air cargo services
  • Assistance in tracking the body while transporting and returning the belongings of Indian authorities.

These services offered by the trained members of Last Journey team make the repatriation quick, hassle-free, and smooth for the families. You can simply contact us, share the necessary information and receive the promising & professional services of our team.

What are the legal requirements for shipping a dead body from India to UAE?

Last Journey team will assist you in attaining all the documents from Indian departments which play an important role in dead body transportation.

The list of crucial documents includes,

  • A signed and stamped Death Certificate by a certified medical authority
  • NOC ( No Objection Certificate) by the Indian consulate or local police
  • Transit Permit by the Indian embassy
  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin Box Certificate
  • Passport of the deceased for cancellation
  • The ID of close kin accompanying in repatriation
  • A certificate stating the noncontagious stage of the dead body
  • Consent letter by the family of deceased
  • Tickets for air cargo and flight booking services

You need to submit the required documents in photocopy format to the concerned departments of India. The team will arrange 8-10 copies of each document for the submission purpose.

What does the team offer for the safety and dignity of the deceased body?

The deceased body requires a complete medical examination before shipping to its final resting place. We provide a well-equipped ambulance van for local transportation. Through this, we shift the body from the mortuary to the hospital and then to the Embalming Center.

Embalming service enables the body to survive the long hours taken in the repatriation to UAE. Only experienced and certified groups of doctors perform this medical process.

Last Journey arranges a qualitative coffin box for placing the embalmed body and ensures its safety of it by locking the lid of the coffin box perfectly. Team members collect the certificate provided by the embalming center and coffin box service provider.

How to transport the dead body to UAE?

At the end of all legal work and dead body preparation, we will book two-way air cargo tickets and flight tickets to send the body back to UAE.

Two-way air cargo service will help you in sending the belongings back to India.

The time taken in dead body transportation from India to UAE solely relies on the paperwork. Hence you can consider the transportation time a varying data.

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