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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from New Orleans to India

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Dead Body Transportation from New Orleans to India

Hiring a known and reliable shipper for shifting the dead body of your beloved person to the final resting place is a brilliant decision taken by family members. If a family is looking for a professional team for Dead Body Transportation from New Orleans to India, can contact Last Journey organization for complete services.

Our team will assist the deceased's family in each complex or simple task included in repatriation. The team members' empathetic and compassionate behavior towards the bereaved family lessens their pain and concern for safely bringing the body back home.

Have a quick view of Last Journey team's contribution to the quick, reliable, and legal shipping of human remains.

  1. Making the family members aware of the rules and guidelines of New Orleans for legal dead body shipping.
  2. Establishing contact with local funeral home, mortuary and certified hospital authorities.
  3. Hiring vehicles and equipment for the safe domestic transportation of the dead body.
  4. Notifying all the higher and local authorities and asking for the legal permit in the form of documents.
  5. Booking online tickets for air cargo service.

A stepwise process of completing each task with great sincerity makes Last Journey team ideal for the repatriation process.

In the below-listed points, you can have a detailed view of our credible international transportation services.

Completing the legal paperwork -

One of the most complex yet integral parts of dead body shifting is accessing the documents and permission. Whether it is informing the embassies of the USA & India or the local police authority, Last Journey team members fulfill their duties sincerely.

We assist the family member while examining the information mentioned in the death certificate of the deceased person. Along with the basic information about the deceased person, the cause of death should be mentioned clearly in the certificate.

Now the team proceeds further to receive a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the local police authority. This document helps in collecting the remains and forwarding them to the next required place.

Providing all the comfort and facilities to the dead body -

The paperwork and arrangement of safety measures go hand in hand according to Last Journey's working strategy. We hire an ambulance service in New Orleans for domestic transportation. The team also sends the body for the embalming process by a certified doctor. In the end, we contact a local funeral home for buying or take a rented coffin box. The finely embalmed body will be placed inside the sealed coffin box and now the body is ready to ship through air cargo service.

All necessary documents for repatriation -

It is quite obvious to miss keeping a necessary document in an unstable state of deep pain and agony. Therefore our experienced team offers the list of all papers required for dead body transportation.

It includes-:

  1. A valid Death Certificate
  2. NOC
  3. Certificate of embalming services
  4. Certificate of the coffin box
  5. Passport and ID of the deceased person
  6. Permit of shipping
  7. Tickets for air cargo service

Last Journey team will take charge of booking the two-way tickets for air cargo services. Our team has contact with those specific airlines that offer such services from New Orleans to India.

The shipped cargo will be accompanied by our teammates if no family member is traveling with it.

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