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Dead Body Transportation From South Lanarkshire to India

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Dead Body Transportation from South Lanarkshire to India

A loved one's unfortunate demise in a foreign land can bring immense devastation to their family residing in India. Finding a reliable shipping company for dead body transportation from South Lanarkshire to India is crucial during such challenging times. Last Journey is here to extend a compassionate and professional helping hand in repatriating your beloved one's remains safely and legally to their homeland.

Guidelines for Dead Body Transportation from South Lanarkshire to India

  1. Legal Eligibility for Repatriation: Only close kin, including the spouse, parents, children, and siblings, can participate in the legal process of repatriating the body. Other family members may require special permissions and documentation.
  2. Medical Examination and Death Certificate: Before commencing the repatriation process, the body must undergo a medical examination at a certified hospital in South Lanarkshire to obtain the Death Certificate. This document is essential for obtaining the necessary permissions for transportation.
  3. Certified Embalming and Preservation: To ensure the safe transportation of the deceased's body, it must go through the embalming procedure to preserve it during transit. Only a certified embalming doctor is allowed to perform this procedure, ensuring the dignity and respect of the departed.
  4. Transportation Permit: Before transporting the body internationally, a transportation permit must be obtained from the relevant state authority in South Lanarkshire.
  5. Assistance from Funeral Homes: To facilitate the repatriation process, the family may seek help from reputable funeral homes in South Lanarkshire. Collecting the signed and stamped papers, such as coffin box certificates, is essential.

Last Journey's Assistance in the Repatriation Procedure from South Lanarkshire

1. Collecting All Necessary Documents and Permissions:

Our team seeks on-paper permission from the Indian embassy before leaving for South Lanarkshire. Additionally, we coordinate with local mortuaries and funeral homes to ensure the safe transportation of the body to a designated facility. We prioritize obtaining the death certificate and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities.

2. Booking Services for the Safety of the Deceased Body:

We hire well-equipped ambulance vans for domestic transportation within the city and arrange a cooling cabinet to preserve the remains before embalming. Our team ensures the body reaches the embalming facility safely, allowing it to withstand long hours of transit. We source certified coffin boxes from reputable funeral service homes to further ensure the preservation of the remains.

3. Arranging All Necessary Documents and Booking Two-Way Tickets:

Recognizing the importance of essential documents, Last Journey provides families with a comprehensive list, including the Death Certificate, NOC, embalming certificate, coffin box certificate, ID, passport, and tickets. Our team handles the online booking of air cargo tickets, ensuring a seamless two-way journey that allows the bereaved family to return the belongings of the departed without the need for an additional visit to South Lanarkshire.

Through our transparent and efficient services, we aim to ease the logistical burdens, allowing families to focus on honoring the memory of their beloved departed. Trust Last Journey as your guiding light during these challenging times, ensuring a dignified journey home for your departed loved one.

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