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Dead Body Transportation from Sunderland to India

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Dead Body Repatriation from Sunderland to India

Dealing with the death of a family member away from their native country is an unbearable pain for the bereaved family. While the government of Sunderland allows families to transport the body themselves, hiring a credible dead body transport company like Last Journey is advantageous.

Last Journey's dead body transportation team is fully operational in Sunderland, offering reliable services to bring beloved ones back from Sunderland to India. The process requires written permission for "Dead Body Transportation from Sunderland to India" from the embassies or consulates of the involved countries.

Inclusions of Last Journey services in Dead Body Transportation

  1. Getting clearance from the hospital authority and local police
  • Assistance in obtaining clearance from the hospital authority for natural and unnatural deaths.
  • Informing the local police authority and obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC) after necessary inquiries.
  1. Booking mortuary and sending the body for embalming
  • Prioritize the deceased's safety by arranging embalming to prevent decomposition during air shipping.
  • If a family does not want embalming service due to some religious belief, we find a different way to keep the remains safe.
  • Booking an authorized mortuary, well-equipped ambulance, dead body freezer box, and a high-quality coffin box.
  1. Handling essential certificates and papers
  • Assisting the family in obtaining essential documents such as:
    • Death Certificate
    • No objection certificate
    • Postmortem report (if required)
    • Photo ID proof of deceased, close kin, and shipping agency members
    • Embalming certificate
    • Coffin box certificate
    • Passport of the deceased
  1. Handles the booking of air cargo tickets
  • Utilizing the convenience of online booking, we secure two-way tickets to ensure a seamless repatriation process.
  • Our team makes travel arrangements if a family member wishes to accompany the remains during the journey.
  • If no family member will travel with the cargo, the Last Journey team ensures all receiver details are provided to facilitate a smooth handover upon arrival in India.
  1. Sensitivity and respect for cultural and religious practices  
  • The Last Journey team extends emotional support and professional assistance to ease the burden on the grieving family.
  • Additional support services, including bereavement counseling and logistical support in India, are provided to the bereaved family.

Entrusting the repatriation process to experienced professionals allows the family to focus on coping with their loss and cherishing memories. Last Journey's dedication and empathy make a significant difference during such challenging times. The comfort of knowing professionals are handling the repatriation process is invaluable for families residing in Sunderland.

Navigating bureaucratic processes efficiently and with sensitivity is commendable. The Last Journey team ensures a dignified journey for the departed loved one. By engaging their services, families find solace in knowing their loved one's final journey is well-managed. The Last Journey team allows families to mourn and find closure in their way.

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