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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from UAE to India

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Dead Body Transportation from UAE to India

The emotional toll of losing someone close to the heart in a foreign country is unbearable. Several Indian citizens reside in or visit the United Arab Emirates for different purposes. The sudden demise of any Indian citizen in the UAE can cause devastating situations for families.

Unfamiliarity with all the legal and logistic aspects of dead body transportation from UAE to India creates too many obstacles to handle. Here a well-known and certified funeral direction team like Last Journey can assist you thoroughly in a professional manner.

Last Journey team acts on the below-listed aspects for a smooth and dignified repatriation from UAE to India.

  1. Making the family understand about legal requirements
  2. Picking a close and reputed local funeral home in the UAE
  3. Establishing a smooth coordination with international airlines
  4. Arrangement of all services that provide comfort to the deceased body
  5. Obtaining all the documents essential for following protocols

Execution of all these steps in a structured manner helps the team and family speed up the whole legal procedure.

1. Informing the authorities and the deceased's family -

Right after receiving the application for professional assistance from the bereaved family, the team informs the consulate of both countries and seeks permission for a legitimate repatriation. Along with it, the team contacts the local authorities of the UAE regarding the demise of an Indian citizen.

After attaining the permission, the team heads toward the foreign place with one or two close kin of the departed person.

2. Obtaining all required documents for the legal clearances -

The concerned authorities of the UAE grant permissions or clearance for further procedures in the form of certificates and valid documents.

  • Medical clearance from a certified hospital authority in the form of a Clinical Death Certificate.
  • Clearance from the local area police authority in the form of a No Objection Certificate, commonly known as NOC.
  • Clearance from higher authority (Consulate or Embassy) in the form of a Transit Permit.

Last Journey team will guide the family in giving the correct information to the concerned departments of foreign land. Before signing and receiving these papers, the team checks the mentioned information at least twice mindfully.

3. Contacting the local funeral homes for dead body preparation & safety -

After collecting the remains from the place of demise in the presence of local police, the team shifts it to a mortuary where a medical examination takes place.

Arrangement of the below-given services also comes under our prime responsibilities.

  • an equipped ambulance
  • Dead body freezer box
  • Embalming center
  • Coffin box, sealed casket
  • steel ac container 

Our team approaches only experienced and certified doctors for the complex Embalming process in the UAE. In this process, the dead body is coated with certain chemical mixtures and the body fluid is also replaced with it.

It is prohibited in a few religions hence we offer this service only after attaining permission from the family.

4. List of all necessary documents -

Though the crucial papers or documents are covered in the above details, several other certificates play an important role in it.

  • Embalming certificate
  • Coffin box certificate
  • Postmortem report if required
  • No infection certificate given by the health department
  • Consent letter from the family
  • Passport of deceased for cancellation
  • The ID of accompanying members and teammates
  • Details of two-way air cargo service tickets

5. Contacts with international airlines for ticket booking -

The team holds enough experience in repatriation. We approach only those airlines that provide specific facilities for two-way air cargo services. After booking online tickets, the team transfers the dead body to the airport in the UAE. In case of unaccompanied air shipping, the team will travel with the cargo.

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