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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation From Wakefield to India

Dead Body Transport from Wakefield to India

Losing a beloved family member or friend living away from their native place is an agonizing experience. The family members are left with the painful task of bringing their loved one's remains back home, which can be daunting and overwhelming. However, with the guidance and assistance of Last Journey, transporting a deceased body from Wakefield to India becomes quicker, easier, and handled with utmost care and dignity.

Prime Services of Last Journey Regarding Dead Body Transportation:

Whether it's repatriating a loved one from Wakefield to India, Last Journey provides comprehensive services to support bereaved families during grief.

1. Accessing Clearance from Embassies, Hospital Authorities, and Local Police

Last Journey simplifies this process by swiftly fulfilling all legal responsibilities step-by-step.

  • Informing the Embassies: We promptly inform the embassies of India and the respective country about the transportation of the deceased body to India.
  • Coordinating with Local Mortuaries: We contact a local mortuary in Wakefield to collect the deceased from the hospital or residence, ensuring the body is safely kept in the mortuary.
  • Medical Examination and Documentation: Our compassionate team assists the family during the medical examination of the body to determine the cause of death. In cases of natural demise, the medical officer signs the death certificate, while in cases of unnatural deaths, the body is sent for a postmortem examination.

2. Qualitative Measures for the Safety of Remains

The safety and preservation of the deceased's remains are of utmost importance during transportation.

  • Well-Equipped Ambulance Van: We arrange a well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation of the body within Wakefield.
  • Cooling Cabinets: We provide cooling cabinets to maintain favorable temperatures for preserving the body until embalming.
  • Professional Embalming Services: In adherence to cultural and religious customs, our team arranges for expert embalming services to enhance the body's sustainability for the journey.
  • Quality Coffin Box: We ensure the deceased is transported in a quality coffin box that complies with international transportation standards, guaranteeing safe and dignified shipping through air cargo.

3. Arranging Crucial Documents and Their Copies

Last Journey assists the family in organizing all necessary documents, ensuring their accuracy and completeness.

  • Death Certificate and NOC: We secure the death certificate and No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the relevant authorities.
  • Postmortem Report: We obtain the postmortem report as required in cases of unnatural deaths.
  • Embalming Certificate and Coffin Box Certificate: Proper embalming and coffin box certification documentation is arranged.
  • Passport Cancellation and ID: Necessary forms for passport cancellation and photo IDs of the deceased person, close kin, and shipping agency members are prepared.
  • Air Cargo Ticket (Two-Way): Last Journey ensures timely booking of two-way air cargo service tickets, facilitating smooth transportation and the return of belongings to the authorities in Wakefield.

4. Booking of Tickets and Final Delivery in India:

Last Journey handles all ticket bookings, ensuring a hassle-free journey for the deceased. In cases where no family member accompanies the remains, we require essential details of the receiver in India to facilitate the delivery.

With a focus on dignity, respect, and adherence to legal and cultural sensitivities, we ensure a smooth and dignified final journey for your beloved departed one. Trust Last Journey to handle the complexities of repatriation and provide the necessary support and compassion to find solace during this challenging time.

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Despite the COVID situation in Delhi, your team organized for a dignified and graceful farewell of my mother.

Ruchi Sharma

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Thank you for fulfilling my mother’s last wish. Your team successfully managed to cremate my mother at her birthplace.

Anukool Sachdeva

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The prayer meeting organized by the Last Journey captured the personality and essence of my beloved

Sandeep Anand

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