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Dead Body Transportation From Wigan to India

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Dead Body Transportation Service from Wigan to India

Losing a loved one is a heartbreaking experience, and when it happens in a foreign country the challenges faced by the bereaved family become even more overwhelming. During such difficult times, it is essential to have a reliable and compassionate dead body transport service that can assist in repatriating the deceased back to India.

What are the inclusions of Last Journey services in Dead Body Transportation?

1.Understanding the Legal Requirements and Documentation

  • When a family member passes away in Wigan, certain legal procedures must be followed to ensure a smooth repatriation process.
  • Close family members, including the spouse, parents, children, and siblings, are typically permitted to participate in the repatriation procedure.
  • It is important to obtain written permission for "Dead Body Transportation from Wigan to India" from the embassies or consulates of both countries involved.

The Last Journey team, experienced in handling repatriation cases, assists families in obtaining the necessary clearances and permissions. We work closely with the Indian embassy and relevant authorities to streamline the process and provide guidance on the required documentation.

2.Coordinating with Local Authorities and Mortuaries

  • To initiate the repatriation process, our team reaches out to local hospital authorities and the police in Wigan.
  • We help secure the necessary clearances from the hospital, ensuring that the cause of death is verified and documented appropriately.
  • Our team supports families in fulfilling these requirements and obtaining the necessary documentation, including a Death Certificate and any relevant postmortem reports.

Additionally, the Last Journey team collaborates with local mortuaries to facilitate the embalming process. Certified embalming professionals are entrusted with preserving the body through a specialized procedure. Embalming involves the application of chemical substances to delay decomposition, allowing the body to remain intact during transportation. The team arranges for an authorized mortuary and ensures access to necessary facilities, such as an ambulance and a dead body freezer box.

3.Managing Essential Certificates and Documents:

The Last Journey team understands the importance of collecting and organizing all essential documents for the repatriation process. They assist families in obtaining the required paperwork, including the Death Certificate, No Objection Certificate (NOC), embalming certificate, coffin box certificate, and relevant identification documents for the deceased and accompanying family members. These documents are crucial for legal purposes and smooth coordination with authorities.

4.Booking Transportation and Ensuring a Smooth Journey:

Transportation arrangements play a vital role in repatriating the deceased from Wigan to India. The Last Journey team supports families in securing two-way air cargo tickets, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of the remains. In cases where family members accompany the cargo, the team books tickets accordingly. However, if no family member is traveling, the team assists in providing the necessary details of the designated receiver in India.

The Last Journey team offers comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the repatriation process, ensuring a smooth and dignified journey back to India. By understanding the legal requirements, coordinating with local authorities, managing essential documents, and facilitating transportation, they alleviate the burden on grieving families, providing solace during a difficult time.

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