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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Germany to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Germany to India

When close family members come across the unfortunate news of their beloved one's demise in a foreign nation, it shocks them thoroughly. Finding themselves in a helpless situation is quite obvious due to unawareness of the lawful procedure of bringing the remains back homeland.

For such disheartened families of the deceased persons, Last Journey lends a professional helping hand. Our expertise in international dead body transportation ensures them a quick, safe and legal repatriation.

International Dead Body transportation services of Last Journey team are accessible in several foreign countries including Germany. You can hire us simply by calling for a Dead Body Transportation from Germany to India.

What does the team offer in its Dead Body transportation package?

From asking for the export permit from the German Consulate to doorstep delivery of the deceased body, Last Journey team takes charge of each tiniest responsibility.

  • Obtaining certificates in the form of legal clearances
  • Sending body for embalming
  • Providing a coffin box, sealed casket, and cooling cabinet for secured shipping.
  • Arranging local transport facility through ambulance
  • Creating an online platform or portal for updating the family members

These fundamental services provided by the highly skilled team members of Last Journey give 360 coverage to the repatriation from Germany. Apart from pre-included services, the team considers additional customized services.

What are the prime requirements for lawful Dead Body Transportation from Germany to India?

Several documents belong to the crucial list of repatriation. The team will approach different departments of German authority on behalf of close kin to collect them.

  1. Clinical death certificate stating the actual cause, date, and timing of the death.
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) by local police or embassy
  3. Autopsy Reports if the death occurred due to any unnatural reason
  4. Embalming Certificate by the senior embalming doctor
  5. Certificate by the undertaking funeral team regarding the perfect covering of the body & coffin sealing in accordance with German regulations.
  6. Export transit permit or a letter about the shipment of remains
  7. Indian Passport of the deceased person for cancellation
  8. Certificate for No Infection disease in the dead body
  9. Consent Letter by the deceased's family
  10. ID of team & family members participating in repatriation
  11. Details of air cargo & flight services from Germany to India

All these documents must be available at the family or team during transportation in original as well as photocopy format.

Why embalming is important for the dead body?

In international dead body shipping, the documentation procedure takes a long duration. Hence for the vulnerable human remains, it is impossible to survive and remain fresh.

Embalming prevents the dead body from decomposition. A team of expert embalming doctors replaces the body fluid with a mixture of chemicals and water. They coat the dead body with a specific substance as well. It slows down skin deterioration and keeps it fresh till the final rites.

The team places the embalmed body in a coffin box that meets all the standards determined by the German authorities. After sealing the coffin box the body is shipped to the airport of Germany.

Ticket booking of two-way air cargo services -

Last Journey team has the contacts of all credible airlines in foreign countries. We approach the entities that provide two-way air cargo services for dead body transportation from Germany to India.

The team sends the body to the domestic airport in Germany through an ambulance van. If nobody is willing to accompany the remains during transportation, the members of Last Journey team will travel with the cargo. For such cases, you need to provide us with the details of the receiver present in India. 

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