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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Hong Kong to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Hong Kong to India

Relocating the deceased body of your beloved one from a foreign state to your home (native country) needs a structured format of repatriation. From handling the logistics to ensuring the utmost dignity & care for the departed soul, it includes a lot of complexities.

For shifting the remains from Hong Kong to India, a family or friend can perform self-transportation, but hiring a professional funeral direction team is beneficial in diverse aspects.

The Forefront and renowned Indian funeral organization "Last Journey", assists bereaved families in bringing their beloved ones back home with great care & sincerity. Our team will take charge of each lawful responsibility that plays a pivotal role in the relocation of a deceased body or mortal remains.

One can hire our team by -:

  • Contacting us through the provided number
  • Share the essential details regarding the location of the deceased body and the required documents
  • Know our services and their rational charges
  • Hire us immediately after getting ensured of our promising repatriation services

What are the key services provided by Last Journey team for safe & legitimate transportation?

Last Journey team's highly skilled and well-versed members hold noteworthy experience and proficiency in managing a range of tasks that are integral parts of dead body transportation from Hong Kong to India.

Here are the prime assistance offered by our team.

  • Informing the Hong Kong embassy or consulate about the demise of an Indian citizen in their territory.
  • Contacting a local mortuary to collect the body instantly and place it in a safe location in the presence of local police authority.
  • Collecting the documents for seeking legal permission for shipping with the least involvement of the bereaved family
  • Shifting the dead body to a certified Embalming center with the help of local funeral homes in Hong Kong
  • Arrangements for other facilities like an ambulance van, coffin box, cooling cabinet, sealed casket and a metal container with air conditioning facilities
  • Booking the air freight tickets for the cargo and flight services
  • Creating an online portal for updating the concerned family members as well as establishing a combination among teammates

These services include the handling of logistics, safety of the remains and participation of the liable family. The in-depth knowledge of Hong Kong protocols and enough experience help the Last Journey team in concluding dead body transportation in less time than anticipated and exceeding the expectations of grieving close ones.

What are the requirements an Indian family must fulfill for legal dead body transportation?

The documents demanded by the international authorities grant permission for forwarding the dead body. The list includes -:

  • A clinical Death Certificate granted by a medical officer
  • No Objection Certificate by the embassy or local area police of Hong Kong
  • Export Permit by the higher authority (embassy or consulate)
  • Indian Passport of the deceased person in original format for cancellation by Hongkong authority
  • Embalming Certificate signed by senior embalming doctors
  • Coffin Box certificate given by local funeral home ensuring the perfect metal lining and sealing of coffin box
  • No Infection certificate given by the health and sanitation authority of Hongkong
  • IDs of participating family members and sponsoring funeral direction organization's teammates
  • Ticket details of the cargo and flight services booked by family or team
  • Postmortem reports if asked by the authorities (in unnatural deaths)

Our team will receive all these documents only after mindfully assessing the details mentioned in them.

Embalming and final transport arrangements -

To enable the dead body for long survival, embalming is a mandatory procedure in international dead body transportation. Last Journey team has contacts with certified embalming centers in Hong Kong. We shift the body there for services and receive a certificate after completion.

In the end, we will book "two-way air cargo services for dead bodies" and flight tickets for the family members. 

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