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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Iran to India

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Dead Body Transport Service from Iran to India

Transporting a deceased person's body from one country to another involves complexities, legal intricacies, and emotional weight. Last Journey offers a vital service in the form of Dead Body Transportation from Iran to India, providing families with a reliable and dignified means of bringing their loved ones back to their homeland.

Inclusions of Last Journey's Dead Body Transportation Services

Additional Services for Comfort, Dignity, and Safety:

Recognizing the importance of facilitating a seamless process for the bereaved family, the Last Journey team offers additional assistance, including:

  • Proper covering and preservation of the remains
  • Arrangement or procurement of a suitable casket
  • Shipping container for the casket
  • Shipping container for the in-casketed remains
  • Documentation process assistance for dead body repatriation

The Legal and Dignified Repatriation Process:

The Last Journey team's approach to repatriation is structured and sensitive, divided into four essential subtasks:

  • Notification to Authorities: Informing the embassies of both countries (India and Austin, USA) initiates the legal procedure. The team collaborates with local authorities to obtain necessary permissions.
  • Preserving the Remains: The team ensures the remains are kept fresh and well-preserved until delivery to India. Services such as ambulance booking, cooling cabinet arrangement, coffin box procurement, and embalming are organized meticulously.
  • Document Compilation: Collecting and assessing crucial documents for repatriation, including the death certificate, no objection certificate, postmortem report (if required), embalming certificate, coffin box certificate, photo ID, passport cancellation form, and air cargo tickets.
  • Seamless Ticket Booking: Booking two-way air cargo tickets online, with essential details gathered for the recipient in India if the deceased is unaccompanied during transportation.

Last Journey's commitment to legal and dignified repatriation underscores their understanding of families' emotional and logistical challenges. Their systematic approach, attention to detail, and compassionate assistance ensure that the deceased's final journey is treated with the respect and care it deserves.

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