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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation services from Kenya to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Kenya to India

In the distressing times of losing someone close, the heart aches the most if you are miles apart from the remains. Only the comprehensive shipping services of an experienced funeral direction team can lessen the concern and agony of the bereaved family.

The dead body transportation services of Last Journey organization are widely recognized for their precise knowledge, experience and professionalism. You can hire us to bring your deceased family member from Kenya to India.

Why choose us for Dead Body Transportation from Kenya to India?

The below-listed points make us a priority for families or clients looking for a reliable funeral direction team.

  1. Our highly skilled team members are fully aware of the protocols and guidelines given by Kenya authorities regarding dead body shipping.
  2. We have the contacts of international embassies for legal works like informing and registering the death of Indian citizens.
  3. The team knows well about the local funeral homes or undertaking entities for establishing coordination.
  4. In-depth information on legal documents helps us speed up the work process and avoid untimely delays.

Along with these professional features of our repatriation services, the team treats the concerned family with great compassion & empathy.

What are the fundamental services of Last Journey included in the dead body shipping package?

Through the promising services, Last Journey team strives to cover all basic to advanced requirements of the family, foreign authorities and the deceased body.

  • Approaching the consulate general of Kenya / embassy for notifying and registering the death of an Indian
  • Attaining all essential documents for legal permission
  • Sending dead body for embalming
  • Hiring a sealed coffin box
  • Creating an online portal or platform for updating the family about the next step
  • Booking online tickets for air cargo and flight services

These services will be executed by the certified and skilled team members.

What are the essential documents for a legitimate dead body shipping from Kenya to its homeland India?

In an international dead body shifting the documents play a pivotal role. The team visits different departments in Kenya to collect valid papers after mindfully checking the information mentioned on it.

Here is the list including all crucial documents.

  • Clinical Death Certificate by the certified mortuary or hospital authority
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) by the embassy or local police authority of Kenya
  • Export Transit Permit by the Consulate General of Kenya
  • Autopsy report granted by the mortuary in case of unnatural death
  • Certificate for absence of any contagious disease by the health department
  • Consent letter signed by the family of the deceased
  • Embalming reports
  • Coffin box certificate given by the funeral undertaker of Kenya
  • Details of air cargo services and flight services
  • Airport clearance for the final shipping of the dead body

How do we prepare the deceased body for air shipping from Kenya?

Another prime aim of Last Journey dead body shipping team is to prevent the dead body from decomposition. With the help of local funeral homes, we shift the body to a mortuary house till the documentation process does not get completed.

After that, we shift the body to an Embalming Center through a well-equipped ambulance van. Here the team of doctors replace the body fluid with some specific chemicals and water. This medical infusion process extends the surviving capability of the human remains.

Now the embalmed body rests inside a certified coffin box and the team ensures its sealing and covering according to the guidelines of Kenya authority.

How does a two-way air cargo service benefit the family?

Tickets booked for two-way air cargo services help the family in returning the belongings of Kenya after repatriation.

Our team will travel with the cargo if the remains are unaccompanied by the family members.

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