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Dead Body Transportation from Kuwait to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Kuwait to India

Dealing with the devastating moments becomes even more painful when you lose a loved one in a foreign country. It is quite difficult to manage the pain and arrangements for bringing the remains back home simultaneously. The only and most advantageous option a bereaved family has, calling a reliable & professional team for international dead body transportation. 

Last Journey lends a professional helping hand to those families who are willing to bring the dead body back to India from Kuwait. Our highly skilled team members ensure the safe & legal shifting of dead bodies within pre-decided time.

What does the dead body transportation from Kuwait to India include?

  • Notifying the Kuwait & Indian embassies regarding the death and transportation
  • Obtaining all the legal papers from Kuwait authorities
  • Cancellation of the passport of the deceased
  • Medical examination and embalming of the dead body
  • Ticket booking and taking the body to Kuwait airport

Completing these all legal requirements on time is the prime responsibility of Last Journey team. We strive to include the family members minimum so that they can mourn the loss in peace.

1. Whom do we inform initially after receiving a call or application for help?

Last Journey team has contacts of all those international authorities that are liable for granting the clearance in dead body shipping. For a legitimate dead body transportation from Kuwait to India, we contact the consulate of Kuwait and ask for a Transit Permit.

Apart from higher authorities, the team contacts the local area police of that specific location where the deceased Indian citizen was residing. They grant a No Objection Certificate (NOC) after primary inspection.

Now the team informs a local hospital authority or mortuary center to collect the dead body from the place of demise and shift it to a safe location.

2. What are the essential documents you need for shipping the dead body from Kuwait?

The list of crucial paperwork includes too many documents to get collected. However, the death certificate holds the major significance in dead body transportation. It includes all the mandatory information about the deceased person and the death incident.

The team mindfully checks the information written on it before receiving it. Other documents are -:

  • NOC (No Objection Certificate)
  • Embalming Reports
  • Coffin Box certificate
  • Autopsy report if asked
  • Transit Permit
  • Passport and visa of the deceased
  • Consent letter given by the family
  • Pink Paper by the Health Authority of Kuwait
  • Details of the ticket booked for the air cargo & flight services
  • Certificate of the No Infection state of the dead body

3. Why it is important to provide the embalming service to the dead body?

Embalming ensures the safety of organs and skin for long hours even after repatriation. The team will take the help of local funeral directors and shift the body to an authorized embalming center linked with the hospital.

Here the special doctors coat the body with a chemical mixture and replace the body fluid with it as well. It prevents the dead body from the decomposition process.

Now the embalmed body is sealed inside a wooden coffin box having metal linings on the corner. The coffin box will comply with all the standards of the Kuwait authorities.

4. How to book the tickets and deport the remains from Kuwait to India?

In the end, the team makes arrangements for the final shipping of the dead body to India. We book tickets for "two-way air cargo services as well as for the flight services".

If nobody is willing to accompany the dead body during air shipping, a Last Journey team member will bear this responsibility also.

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