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Dead Body Transportation from Mali to India

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Dead Body Transportation services from Mali to India

Obstacle-free and legal dead body transportation at low cost and quick accessibility can lessen the pain of concerned & deprived family members up to a great extent. Last Journey Funeral Direction organization provides top-notch facilities for bringing dead bodies to their final resting place from across the globe.

If someone is looking for a reliable & professional entity for relocating the dead body of a family member or friend from Mali to India, our team is just a call away.

In the dead body transportation from Mali to India, the team will bear all the responsibilities that belong to the legal paperwork and the utmost safety & dignity of the deceased body. From notifying the embassy of Mali regarding the demise of an Indian citizen to doorstep delivery of remains in India, Last Journey stands stern with grieving ones.

1. Obtaining clearances through Documentation work -

The first and foremost step we take in the direction of dead body transportation is sending a short notification to the embassy of Mali that includes information about the demise of an Indian in their territory. In response, the authorities grant clearance for collecting the remains and airlift them to India.

This clearance comes in the form of -

  • Export or Transit Permit
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Along with these crucial permits, the family or sponsoring team must have the below-listed documents in original as well as photocopies.

  • Death Certificate of the departed person (the cause of death must be written on it and the information should be in English language)
  • Postmortem Reports in case of unnatural demise
  • Embalming reports or certificates after the completion of complex medical treatment
  • The no infection or non-contagious disease certificate for the dead body which ensures the safe shipping
  • Coffin Box Certificate ensures its best quality and sealing properties that follow the international parameters of air shipping dead bodies
  • Passport and Visa of the dead person in original format. The Mali authorities will cancel it to block further misuse of crucial documents.
  • Clearance from the airport authority of Mali is essential for airlifting the dead body
  • Details of air cargo services (two-way) and flight services including the entire schedule of traveling, airline name and flight number etc
  • Local area police clearance is also required for collecting the body and shifting it to a mortuary or other locations.


All of the above-mentioned documents will be submitted to different departments of Mali authorities. Hence you must keep 8-10 copies of each one with you. Last Journey team will assist you in it.

2. Arrangements for the safety & dignity of the dead body in Mali country -

While continuing the documentation procedure with Mali authorities, our team carries out the responsibility of preventing the dead body from any damaging causes. Here we take the help of local funeral homes in Mali for

  • domestic transportation,
  •  purchasing a casket or coffin box,
  •  hiring a rented dead body freezer box,
  •  metal container with AC feature etc.

To increase the survival capability of vulnerable human remains, Last Journey team forwards the body to a certified Embalming Center. The experienced embalming doctors coat the skin of the deceased body with chemical substances and inject a mixture of chemicals and water to replace the body fluid.

Embalming slows the decaying pace of the body and maintains the freshness of the skin till the final rites in India. After this complex medical process, the team collects its certificate signed by a senior embalming doctor.

3. Arrangement for dead body transportation by online ticket booking -

Last Journey team has contacts of all airlines available in Mali serving the needfuls with two-way air cargo services. We asses their schedules and book the convenient flight through online method. Two-way air cargo service will help you return the essentials of Mali authority after receiving the remains. 

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