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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Malta to India

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Dead Body Transport from Malta to India

Transportation of the mortal remains of your beloved one from Malta to India is included in the repatriation services of Last Journey organization. Having years of experience, in-depth knowledge and awareness regarding protocols determined by the authorities of Malta etc enable our team to proceed with repatriation smoothly.

From handling the logistics and paperwork to bearing the liability of caring for the deceased body with utmost dignity, Last Journey Funeral Direction organization ensures that bereaved families a safe, legal and quick transportation.

All the team members of the Last Journey team are well-versed in managing legal work with professionalism. Here are the key advantages a family will get after hiring our team.

  • Least physical involvement in documentation work as the team works like a mediator between the higher and local authorities of Malta & the deceased's family
  • Preparing the dead body with the help of local funeral homes of Malta for relocating it through airlifting
  • Assessment of all the documents, valid papers and certificates before signing or receiving it
  • Resolving all the barriers fall in dead body transportation due to language disparity between both countries
  • Contacting the airlines of Malta to provide the best and most convenient air cargo & flight schedule for repatriation

All these prime services are included in our promising repatriation service package. Our professional assistance helps the people in mourning their loss in peace without getting concerned about the legalities and safety of the remains.

Which documents does the team obtain for legally airlifting the dead body from Malta to India?

Shifting the mortal remains from a foreign state to the final resting place (homeland) completely depends on the legal clearances granted by the higher and local authorities of the country where the person died.

Last Journey team is familiar with all the documents, you will be required to submit to Malta authorities. 

  • Death Certificate of the deceased person (cause of death should be written on it and the language must be English)
  • A NOC generated by the Embassy of Malta as a permit to collect the body
  • Export or Transit permit by the embassy officials to relocate the dead body from Malta to India
  • Postmortem Reports of the dead person if the demise occurred due to any unnatural cause (murder/suicide/accident)
  • Embalming reports provided by the embalming doctors that ensure, the embalmed body is prepared well for airlifting
  • Coffin Box certificate & its details regarding quality and sealing feature
  • The original Indian Passport of the deceased will be given to Malta authorities for cancellation.
  • A no-infection certificate by the health authority of Malta will be given to ensure the dead body is not carrying any contagious disease
  • Air clearance by the Airport Authority of Malta
  • Detailed information on booked air cargo and flight tickets
  • IDs of the family members accompanying the remains during the journey
  • Police clearance granted by the local area police after primary inspection in natural death case

These documents will act as a clearance for the family of the deceased to bring their beloved one back home. Last Journey team will arrange 8-10 copies of each original document for submission.

Why Embalming is essential in dead body transportation from Malta to India?

Embalming prevents the vulnerable deceased bodies from decomposition and skin withering. To keep the remains fresh till the doorstep delivery in India or last rites of a dead body, the embalming doctors of Malta will replace the dead body fluid with a mixture of chemicals and water.

The outer covering of the dead body will also be done by doctors with a specific chemical substance. It keeps the skin safe from any kind of damage.

What benefits you will receive through our Two-Way air cargo services?

After receiving the dead body at your doorstep, the family can return the belongings of Malta through two-way air cargo services.

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