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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Martinique to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Martinique to India

Globally prevailed dead body shipping services of Last Journey organization include a safe, legal, and dignified "Dead Body Transportation from Martinique to India" also. The in-depth information regarding the documentation procedure, protocols, language proficiency, and dead body safety measures enable our team to quickly conduct the entire procedure.

Highly skilled team members of Last Journey's dead body shipping team take charge instantly after receiving the call regarding help and accompany the bereaved family till the doorstep delivery of the remains in India.

Take a look at our prime services included in the repatriation package -:

  • Preparing the deceased body for transportation through airways
  • Assisting the bereaved family throughout the legal procedure or documentation work
  • Arrangement of domestic transportation in Martinique with the help of local funeral homes
  • Taking charge of receiving all papers, permits and lawful clearances from the local & higher authorities
  • Providing a sealed casket or a coffin box that conforms to all the guidelines determined for international airlifting
  • Establishing contacts and coordination with the local funeral homes, mortuary, embassy officials, local police and other concerned authorities of Martinique
  • Assessing the flight schedules including two-way air cargo services for booking the tickets
  • Informing the bereaved family about each update through the online portal generated by the team
  • Guiding the family in returning the belongings of Martinique authorities after repatriation

Such professional tasks include all the requirements of the deceased body, the concerned family and the departments who are liable to grant permission for transportation.

How does Last Journey team conduct the complex repatriation procedure smoothly? 

The professional workers of Last Journey team follow all guidelines and protocols to avoid obstacles. The team splits the whole task into a few subtasks and establishes coordination among teammates.

1. Obtaining legal permits from the authorities of Martinique -

To proceed with the whole repatriation, getting clearance from different departments is mandatory.

Here is the list of all those documents that are crucial for relocating the body from Martinique to India.

  • Death Certificate & reports of the deceased person. The cause of death should be written on it. The whole information must be in the English language.
  • Export Permit or Transit Permit granted by the embassy officials
  • A no objection certificate (NOC) from the local police authority while collecting the remains
  • Postmortem Reports if death happened due to any unnatural cause
  • Embalming reports & certificate after the deceased body get embalmed
  • Certificate of the coffin box explaining its material and sealing quality
  • Indian original passport of the deceased person for getting canceled by the authorities of Martinique
  • No infection reports for the dead body granted by the health & sanitation authority
  • Clearance from the airport authority for airlifting the dead body
  • Identity cards of the family members accompanying the body in repatriation

All of the above documents will be demanded by diverse departments of Martinique to forward the legal procedure. To submit them to different departments, you will need photocopies of each paper. Last Journey team provides 8-10 copies to the bereaved family for submission.

How does Last Journey team prepare the deceased body for safe & dignified air transportation?

A few medical processes are mandatory to provide to the dead before enclosing them into a sealed casket. From providing favorable temperatures to embalming services, our team bears the responsibility for the dead body's utmost safety and dignity.

Right after receiving information the team books -:

  • A slot in the near the mortuary house
  • Well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation
  • Dead body freezer box
  • A coffin box or sealed casket
  • AC metal container

Before placing the dead body into a coffin box, the dead body gets embalmed by experienced doctors. It prevents the body from any damage and decomposition.

Why two-way air cargo services?

Last Journey team books two-way air cargo service along with flight services. After receiving the dead body, the family can easily return the belongings of Martinique. 

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