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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Mauritania to India

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Dead Body Transport from Mauritania to India

Being miles apart from a beloved family member or friend in his/her last moments is the most painful feeling one can experience in a lifetime. Several concerns arise in front of family members regarding the shifting of mortal remains or the deceased body back home.

To lessen the pain and agony of bereaved family members, Last Journey Organization provides professional repatriation assistance. In our widely extended dead body transportation services, nearly all foreign states are included. You can hire our team to relocate the deceased body from Mauritania to India.

Years of experience, in-depth knowledge of foreign protocols & guidelines and awareness regarding the safety & dignity of the dead body make us a prominent funeral direction team.

How to book our team instantly?

Hiring our promising team is way too easy for the Indians as well as for foreign citizens regarding repatriation.

  1. Contact the team through the provided number.
  2. Share the necessary details & location of the deceased with the team.
  3. Know the services included in the repatriation package and the charges
  4. Take advantage of the team immediately.

How does Last Journey team assist the family of the deceased in relocating the dead body?

The key services we provide to the clients on the foreign land are -:

  • Guiding the deceased's family in understanding the entire procedure of repatriation from Mauritania
  • Arranging basic to advanced facilities for the safety and dignity of the deceased body
  • Obtaining all the essential documents from the authorities of Mauritania
  • Forwarding the dead body for embalming services
  • Providing a sealed coffin box or a casket for safe keeping of the body
  • Acting as a mediator between the deceased family and higher authorities of Mauritania
  • Creating an online portal for updating the family about the process
  • Booking flight tickets for cargo as well as accompanying family members

In the entire procedure, the team completes the responsibilities and maximum paperwork on behalf of family members. Ensuring the least physical involvement of the family lessens their pain.

What are the main documents you require for the legal and safe shipping of your beloved one's remains?

From the beginning to the end, the importance of documents does not get lightened. Here is the list including all prime custom certificates/valid papers/documents.

  1. The original Death Certificate of the deceased person in which the cause of death must be written in the English language.
  2. Clearance in the form of a Transit Permit from the embassy of Mauritania.
  3. Police clearance in the form of a No Objection Certificate or an NOC.
  4. If the death occurred due to any unnatural reason, collect the postmortem reports from a certified hospital authority.
  5. A "No infection" certificate was granted by the Health Department of Mauritania.
  6. Clearance from the airport authority is also essential for airlifting the remains.
  7. Embalming reports of the embalmed dead body ensure it is ready to be placed inside the coffin box.
  8. Certificate of the coffin box that complies with the international rules of repatriation.
  9. Original Indian passport of the deceased person for cancellation by authorities of Mauritania.
  10. IDs of family members who are willing to travel with the cargo carrying the dead body.
  11. Details of the booked tickets for two-way air cargo services and flight services.

The funeral direction team will submit all these documents to the concerned departments of Mauritania and India on behalf of the family. Therefore, having 10-12 photocopies of each document is mandatory.

Why it is essential to send the dead body for embalming?

Substituting the dead body fluid with a specific mixture of chemicals and water is recognized as Embalming. It includes the coating of a dead body with chemical substances as well. Embalming prevents the dead body from damage and decomposition.

How will two-way air cargo service benefit you?

After repatriation, the family does not need to travel again to return the belongings of Mauritania. Two-way air cargo service will lessen your responsibility. 

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