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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Myanmar to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Myanmar to India

Shifting a dead body to its final resting place on an international basis is inclusive of several complex undertakings. Though the family and friends can perform a self transportation from the foreign land to the native country, they will fall short of knowledge at many points.

The most suitable option in such conditions is to hire a funeral director on which the family can rely solely. Last Journey team of India plays a forefront role in Dead Body Transportation services. In the extended range of countries where our services are available also includes Myanmar.

You can book the Dead Body Transportation Services of Last Journey for airlifting the dead body of your beloved one from Myanmar to India. The team will assist you with the best legal pattern for repatriation.

How does our funeral direction team manage a complex repatriation procedure?

Last Journey organization puts its best efforts in speeding up the documentation process and offering the utmost comfort & dignity to the departed soul.

Here are the key services of our dead body transportation team.

  • Help in registration of the death
  • Receiving clearance from the concerned departments of Myanmar
  • Preparing the dead body for air shipping
  • Coordinating with local funeral homes of Myanmar
  • Updating the family members regarding legal process on a common portal
  • Booking online tickets for air cargo & flight services
  • Arrangement for local transportation, embalming and medical examination etc
  • Shifting the dead body to the airport of Myanmar for final shipping

Through these above mentioned services the team strives to fulfill each requirement of the family and the deceased body under protocols.

Obtaining Death Certificate - The most important document for repatriation -:

After informing the Myanmar consulate and indian embassy regarding a legitimate transfer of dead body, the team shifts the dead body to a local mortuary. Here the medical officer examines the body and grant a Death Certificate in the case of natural death. This medical clearance in the form of a clinical death certificate includes all crucial information of departed person.

Embalming of the dead body -:

With the help and coordination of local funeral homes of Myanmar, the team approaches the certified team of embalming doctors. Before the services, we confirms that there is no prohibition for embalming in the deceased's person's religion.

The embalmed body is placed in a qualitative coffin box and sealed carefully by the team. The team ensures that the coffin box complies with all the guidelines described by Myanmar authority for a safe repatriation.

Obtaining other essential documents -:

The experience of Last Journey team enables it to swiftly collect all the necessary documents for legal shipping. We are aware of the departments from where the below-listed documents can be accessed.

  1. NOC from the local police authority
  2. Embalming certificate
  3. Coffin Box certificate
  4. Transit Permit by the Myanmar embassy
  5. Consent letter by the close kin of departed one
  6. Passport of the deceased
  7. ID proof of accompanying team and family members
  8. Details of tickets for air cargo & flight services
  9. No infection certificate by health department of Myanmar authority
  10. Clearance from airport authority

Booking online tickets for two-way air cargo services & flight services -:

The team will contact the airline entities of Myanmar on your behalf for booking tickets for cargo & flight services. The two-way air cargo service helps the Indian families in returning the necessary documents & belongings of Myanmar authorities.

If the team is working on an unaccompanied dead body shipping, a skilled and experienced team member will travel with it. With the door step delivery of remains in India, Last Journey puts a pause to its professional repayriation services.

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