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Dead Body Transportation from Nepal to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Nepal to India

Taking a beloved family member back home from a foreign land after their demise is quite disturbing. In this toughest phase of life, the bereaved family needs professional assistance along with empathy & compassion.

Only a certified, experienced and highly skilled funeral direction team can take charge of all responsibilities that fall under the criteria of a legal and dignified Dead Body Transportation.

To lessen the pain and ease the complex procedure of shipping a dead body from Nepal to the birthplace (India), you can hire Last Journey funeral direction team.

Here are the unavoidable responsibilities fulfilled by Last Journey team for a safe & quick Dead Body Transportation from Nepal to India.

  • Proper embalming and enclosing of the dead body or human remains
  • Conducting the entire documentation process in possibly less period
  • Creating an online portal for informing the concerned family regarding every small and big update
  • Arranging transportation, mortuary booking, casket, coffin box, cooling cabinets and an AC container for the utmost safety, comfort & dignity of the deceased body.
  • Assisting the family in following protocols of foreign land & obtaining all crucial papers.

In the below steps, the team has segregated the whole procedure into small subtasks.

1. Assistance in attaining all clearances -

Shifting a deceased body from the place of demise to its final resting place requires too many legal clearances. Several departments of foreign countries take part in granting them to the deceased's family. Here the family lacks knowing all the legal terms and guidelines described by the Nepal Authority.

Last Journey will assist you in obtaining the below-given clearances.

  • Medical clearance in the form of a valid clinical Death Certificate
  • Transit clearance from the Nepal consulate or embassy in the form of a Transit Permit
  • Air shipping  permission from the airport authority
  • Clearance from the local police authority in the form of a No Objection Certificate (NOC)
  • Clearance from medical & sanitation authority regarding no infection in the deceased body

All of these clearances are integral parts of the dead body shipping from Nepal to India. The team holds in-depth knowledge of each document hence you can solely rely on us regarding the safe and quick documentation process.

2. Arrangements for the dead body for airlifting -

Last Journey team knows the locations and contact details of the local funeral homes in Nepal. Our skilled teammates approach them for:

  • Booking a slot in the mortuary for preventing the body from decomposition
  • Arranging dead body freezer boxes for providing favorable temperatures to the body during transportation
  • A well-equipped ambulance van for domestic transportation
  • Supply of a qualitative coffin box and casket
  • Forwarding the body to the certified Embalming Center. Here the doctors perform a complex medical process to enhance the surviving capacity of a dead body.
  • An air conditioning container of steel to keep the embalmed body inside it.

These all facilities ensure safe & dignified transportation from Nepal to India.

3. Ticket booking and end-to-end delivery of remains -

In the end, the team books an online ticket for two-way air cargo shipping services & flight services. The two-way air cargo facility helps the family in returning the belongings of Nepal authority after receiving the dead body or human remains.

In the case of unaccompanied airlifting from Nepal, the experienced team members will send from Nepal to India with the dead body. They'll deliver the cargo to the doorstep of the receiver in India. You need to provide all the required details of the receiver present in India as Name, the address where the delivery is expected and contact details

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