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Dead Body Transportation from Paraguay to India

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Dead Body Transport from Paraguay to India

It is difficult to accept the demise of a beloved friend or a family member. It becomes even more difficult when the family stays miles away from the deceased person. To bring the remains back for performing final rites one can choose either self-transportation or taking professional guidance from a funeral direction team.

If you have lost a close one in Paraguay and want to shift the body to the final resting place, contact one of the most renowned funeral organizations of India, Last Journey team. We ensure you safe, legal, dignified and lawful  Dead Body Transportation services from Paraguay to India based on our experience, international contacts & in-depth knowledge of the task.

Know the key features of our repatriation service package -

  • Assistance in understanding the whole procedure of dead body relocation from Paraguay to India
  • Shifting the remains from the place of death to a certified mortuary through our contacts in Paraguay
  • Obtaining a permit for airlifting remains from the higher authorities of Paraguay
  • Collecting documents including death certificate from concerned authorities of Paraguay
  • Arranging ambulance, coffin boxes, freezer boxes, metal containers etc with the help of local funeral homes.
  • Travel arrangement through online ticket booking for cargo & flight services
  • Updating the family through the online portal if only the team is executing the entire process.

The team will consider any specific demand as well if the family expresses it during the repatriation.

Which formalities are included in the legal paperwork of dead body transportation from Paraguay to India?

The paperwork regarding a dead body shipping consists of submitting and receiving several papers. From obtaining the death certificate to final clearance from the airport, Last Journey team will manage the whole paperwork in an obstacle-free & quick manner.

  1. The team collects a valid certificate from the hospital authority of Paraguay. We check all the mentioned details (name, gender, cause of death and time etc) before receiving the document.
  2. The death registration form should be collected by the team from the consulate or embassy of Paraguay.
  3. If death has happened due to any unnatural cause, we will receive a postmortem report as well.
  4. Certificate for the embalming process.
  5. Certificate for coffin box.
  6. The team will obtain a letter stating "No Communicable Disease" from the public health and sanitation department of Paraguay.
  7. Original Indian passport of the deceased person with a copy.
  8. A consent letter signed by the head family members for airlifting the dead body.
  9. All the details of the consignee including name, contact, address etc.
  10. Details of the booked online tickets for two-way air cargo and flight services.
  11. Local area police clearance for collecting the mortal remains.
  12. Airport authority clearance for lifting the dead body from Paraguay to India.

One must collect all these documents in original as well as photocopy format. Our team will arrange at least 10 copies of each certificate and valid paper. You will need to submit them to the different departments of Paraguay.

How do we prepare the dead body for repatriation?

The vulnerable state of the deceased body can not survive for long hours. To prevent decomposition, we shift the dead body to a certified embalming center. In embalming, professional doctors inject a specific mixture of chemicals and water. They cover the dead body with chemical substances also. It keeps the skin of remains fresh until the last rites.

The embalmed body will be kept inside the coffin box. The team arranges a sealed coffin box with the help of local funeral homes. It must comply with the international guidelines determined for safe & dignified relocation.

How do we assist in travel arrangements?

The team books online tickets for two-way air cargo & flight services. This helps them in returning the belongings of Paraguay authority after repatriation. If the cargo is shipped unaccompanied, our team will travel with the cargo throughout the journey. 

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