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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from the Philippines to India

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Dead Body Transport from the Philippines to India

A close one's demise shatters the hearts of family and friends completely. But the pain of being miles apart from the deceased is unbearable. Last Journey funeral direction team is helping relentlessly to such families who are willing for a safe & legal transportation of a deceased body.

Our globally available repatriation services include Dead Body Transportation from the Philippines to India as well. From clearing the permission procedure to delivering the remains through end-to-end features, we take whole and sole charge of the safe & dignified transition of the dead body.

What are the main steps in which we divide the complex process of repatriation?

Shifting the mortal remains to their final resting place from a foreign land includes too many responsibilities regarding paperwork and preparation of the dead body.

Here are the main four steps that our team follows for a smooth transportation. 

  • Obtaining clearance of lawful permit from higher officials or authorities
  • Collecting all the valid documents.
  • Arranging local travel, embalming and safety services for the remains.
  • Booking two-way air cargo & flight tickets for final shipping of remains.

To avoid any untimely delay and obstacle in paperwork, we hand over the authority of task only to our highly skilled and credible staff members.

1. Clearance from consulates of Philippines & India -

The relocation of a deceased body or mortal remains can be initiated only after attaining a legal permit from the higher authorities. Our team approaches the officials liable for granting an "Exit Permit / Transit Permit". They also issue a No Objection Certificate (commonly known as NOC).

These two essential permits act as a primary clearance for the deceased's family or the funeral team carrying the responsibility of repatriation. The team seeks permission from the Indian embassy to bring the remains of an Indian citizen from the Philippines.

2. Collecting the documents -

At each step of legitimate dead body transportation, the family or the team needs to submit different custom certificates or valid papers to the authorities of the Philippines.

Here is the list comprising all the essential documents for a lawful repatriation.

  • Death Registration form filled out by the family and verified by the authorities.
  • A valid Death Certificate from the certified hospital authority of the Philippines. 
  • Postmortem Reports if the death cause is unnatural.
  • Embalming reports signed by professional embalming doctors.
  • Coffin Box certificate granted by a certified local funeral home in the Philippines.
  • Original India passport of the deceased person.
  • No communicable disease letter granted by the Public Health and Sanitation Department of the Philippines
  • IDs of all the family and team members who are participating in repatriation
  • Details of the consignee (name, address and contact number)
  • A consent letter given by the family of the deceased person
  • Airport authority clearance for airlifting the deceased body from the Philippines to India
  • Local area police clearance while collecting the remains
  • Details of all the booked tickets (two-way air cargo & flight services)

3. Embalming services & coffin box sealing -

The safety of the dead body is the prime responsibility of our team. After medical examination, we shift the dead body to an authorized embalming center. The team of professional doctors replaces dead body fluid with the chemical & water mixture. For the safety of the outer skin, they coat the entire body with a specific chemical substance.

  • Embalming prevents the dead body from any kind of damage.
  • It keeps the skin fresh and non-withering till the final rites.
  • Embalming slows down the pace of decomposition of the dead body.

4. Travel arrangement through two-way air cargo services -

It is our team's responsibility to dial down the pain of the deceased's family. Through our two-way air cargo services, the family can return the belongings and essential documents of the Philippines without visiting there again after repatriation. In unaccompanied transportation, the team members travel with the cargo throughout the journey. 

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