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Dead Body Transportation from Portugal to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Portugal to India

From registering the death of an Indian citizen to end-to-end delivery of mortal remains in India, there is a long procedure to conduct the repatriation from Portugal to India. A family might find it difficult to bring the dead body through self-transportation. 

To lessen the complexities, hiring an experienced Funeral Direction team is most advantageous. You can choose Last Journey team for Dead body Transportation from Portugal to India.

Our team will assist you throughout the shipping if a close kin is participating in it. Otherwise, the team will carry out the whole procedure on its own.

Which services are included in our professional Dead Body Transportation assistance?

The involvement of several professionals helps make Last Journey team preferable to other funeral direction organizations.

  • Notifying the higher & local authorities of India as well as Portugal
  • Obtaining legal documents and valid certificates from the departments
  • Arrangement of transportation, coffin box and embalming services for the dead body
  • Arrangement of final shipping through two-way air cargo ticket booking services
  • Creating an online portal for the family members to update them

Our team members have expertise in their distinct duties. Thorough information and experience help them quickly complete the process without confronting any obstacles.

What are the requirements for the lawful shifting of remains in India from Portugal?

Dead body transportation from Portugal to India requires the below-listed documents.

  • Police clearance certificate (commonly known as PCC)
  • A declaration from the Indian embassy regarding the Indian nationality assurance of the deceased person
  •  Indian passport of the deceased person for cancellation by Portugal authority 
  • Proof stating that the deceased was residing or staying in Portugal (as - electricity bill or tickets etc.)
  • Documents of Death Registration in Portugal authority
  • Obtaining the Death Certificate from the authorized hospital authority and signed by a medical officer
  • Embalming reports ensuring the proper covering of the dead body with a specific mixture of chemicals and water 
  • Certificate for the coffin box sealing according to the described guidelines of international authorities
  • Export or transit permit by the Portugal embassy
  • Clearance from the airport authority where final air shipping is scheduled
  • Visa of the deceased person
  • Details of air cargo tickets and flight tickets from Portugal to India

All these documents must be available with you in Original as well as photocopy formats. You will need to submit these copies to different departments of Portugal & India before and after of Repatriation. The team will assist you in getting at least 8-10 copies of each document. 

Why Embalming is essential for dead body transportation from Portugal to India?

Embalming ensures the utmost safety of the dead body which is considered the most vulnerable element during repatriation. In embalming, a team of efficient and certified doctors substitutes the body fluid with chemicals.

Embalming slows down the deterioration process of mortal remains. It protects the skin from damage and keeps it fresh till the final rites of remains.

The embalmed body rests inside a wooden coffin box having metal linings at the corners and perfect sealing quality. The team ensures the sealing of the body according to international guidelines.

How does Last Journey team make arrangements for the final transfer of remains to India?

For airlifting the dead body from Portugal to India, a two-way air cargo service is the most beneficial. The team will book it for the coffin box carrying remains and flight tickets for the accompanying family members in repatriation.

If the deceased body is accompanied by only team members, the deceased's family needs to provide fundamental details (name, address, and contact number) of the receiver available in India. It will help us in delivering the remains to the doorstep of the receiver. 

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