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Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Qatar To India

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Dead Body Transport from Qatar To India

The saddening news of losing someone forever aches the hearts of close ones the most. It is essential to accompany the departed soul in the last times. But a death abroad complicates it even more.

Bringing the dead body safely and legally from a foreign country to the homeland includes too many responsibilities. In such a difficult situation, a family must take professional assistance from a credible funeral direction team. Last Journey team works as the forefront funeral group in India.

Our services are expanded across the globe. You can hire us for Dead Body Transportation services from Qatar to India.

Steps to complete the repatriation according to the protocols of Qatar authority -:

In the four prime steps, our highly skilled team concludes the entire procedure of internationally dead body shifting.

  1. Clearance from the consulates & higher authorities of Qatar & India
  2. Receiving required documents from concerned officials of Qatar authority
  3. Embalming and coffin box arrangement
  4. Two-way air cargo service ticket booking

These main areas of dead body transportation cover all the necessary aspects associated with the requirements of the dead body, foreign authorities and the family of the deceased.

How does our team assist the clients in a safe & dignified dead body transition?

From documentation to safety arrangements for the dead body, repatriation involves too many responsibilities to handle sincerely. To avoid minute mistakes and lessen the chances of untimely delays, our team segregates the complex repatriation task into several subtasks.

1. Obtain clearance for airlifting the dead body -

Without the legit permission of higher authorities, the family or the funeral direction team can not initiate the relocation of the dead body. These officials grant the Exit Permit to the team and provide clearance for further legal steps through a "No Objection Certificate (NOC)".

Along with these two basic permits, the team requires other valid documents to complete the whole process of Dead Body Transportation.

Here is the list including all the documents.

  1. Death Certificate
  2. Copy of a Death Registration form
  3. Embalming reports
  4. Certificate for the quality of a coffin box
  5. Letter by the Public Health Department of Qatar for ensuring the absence of any communicable disease in the dead body
  6. Original Indian passport & visa of the departed person
  7. Original IDs of each member involved in the dead body shipping paperwork
  8. Details of the air freight service tickets
  9. A consent letter given by the family of the deceased
  10. All the crucial details of the consignee or receiver (like name, contact number, and address)
  11. Clearance from the local police where the death occurred
  12. Airport authority permit or clearance for airlifting the dead body for relocation from Qatar to India
  13. Proof of the temporary or permanent residence of the deceased person in Qatar. It can be monthly bills or booked tickets for the hotel.

2. Embalming & coffin box arrangement -

The vulnerable remains can not survive the unfavorable circumstances and long hours without embalming services. The team contacts the local funeral homes for the arrangement of domestic transportation and shifts the body to a certified embalming center.

A professional and experienced team of embalming doctors injects the mixture of chemicals and water while the replacement of body fluid. Thorough covering or coating of dead body skin with chemical substances also comes under the embalming process.

The team arranges a coffin box for shifting the embalmed dead body inside it and seals it perfectly. The coffin box we arrange complies with the international guidelines & protocols decided for safe & dignified repatriation.

3. Travel arrangements for final airlifting the dead body from Qatar to India -

The two-way air cargo services in international dead body transportation set the family free from extra responsibilities.  With the help of this feature, you can return the important objects of Qatar authorities without visiting here again. If nobody is traveling with cargo carrying remains, our team members will accompany it throughout the journey. 

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