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Dead Body Transportation from the Russia to India

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Dead Body Transportation from Russia to India

Being a hub of a plethora of opportunities regarding education and occupation, natives of India live here on a temporary or permanent basis. Therefore sudden or unnatural demise of Indians in Russia is quite common.

Bringing the remains of your beloved one from Russia to India is mandatory to perform their final rites. It's highly recommended you choose a professional funeral direction team for repatriation instead of performing self-transportation.

A widely recognized and certified funeral direction team of India - Last Journey organization is relentlessly assisting such bereaved families in taking their close ones back homeland (India) from the Russian Federation.

In the service package of Dead Body Transportation from Russia to India, Last Journey covers all the essential aspects of the legalities and safety of the remains.

Take a glimpse of our prime services in shifting the dead body to its final resting place.


  • Registration of the death in the official records of the Russian Federation
  • Attaining clearances from higher authorities in Russia for airlifting the dead body
  • Making travel arrangements for air cargo as well as flight services
  • Providing embalming services and a sealed coffin box for shipping
  • Collecting all the essential documents for the clearance in the dead body shifting procedure
  • Updating the family about the ongoing process of documentation or dead body safety through an online portal
  • Guiding the family in providing the right information to the authorities and receiving valid documents from them
  • Resolving the language issues if occur during the paperwork or communication with local authorities


To execute the above-given tasks smoothly, Last Journey team hires only well-skilled, certified, and professional team workers. Apart from fulfilling the fundamental needs of the deceased's family, we consider their personalized demands for maintaining the dignity of the departed soul.

What are the important documents for safe & legal dead body transportation from Russia to India?

Along with the legal permits for collecting & airlifting the remains, a range of valid documents is required. The team members are familiar with them.

  1. Death Certificate from the certified hospital authority of Russia
  2. Permit for the Dead Body relocation from Russia to India
  3. A No Objection Certificate by the consulates or local area police of the place where the dead body was found
  4. Postmortem Reports if the primary medical examination depicts any sign of unnatural death
  5. Embalming certificate after the medical process of embalming gets done
  6. Certificate for the sealed coffin box granted by the head of the funeral home
  7. The original Indian passport of the deceased for cancelation by Russian authorities
  8. Original IDs of the involved family members in the dead body transportation legal process
  9. Proof of the temporary or permanent residence of the deceased person (hotel tickets, bills of electricity or water etc)
  10. A letter for no communicable disease granted by the Public Health Department of Russia
  11. Details of the consignee (name, address and contact number)
  12. Details of the booked online tickets for the two-way air cargo services and flight services
  13. Clearance from the local area police
  14. Clearance from the airport authority of Russia for airlifting the cargo carrying the dead body
  15. Consent letter by the family of the deceased

You must carry the original documents with their photocopies. The team will arrange copies of each document for you.

How do we prepare the dead body for final transportation?

The safety and dignity of the deceased body are essential for us as much as the documentation process. We shift the dead body to a certified embalming center where a team of professional embalming doctors replace the dead body fluid with the chemical mixture. They also cover the whole skin with a chemical substance to prevent decomposition. 

After that, we will receive the embalming certificate and keep it inside a new coffin box. The sealed coffin box is now ready for transportation. 

With the help of "two-way" air cargo services, the team sends the dead body to India and delivers it to the doorstep of the receiving family. 

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