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Repatriation Services

Distance is No Barrier to Saying Goodbye: The Last Journey's International Repatriation Services

Dead Body Transportation from Saint Lucia to India

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Dead Body Transport from Saint Lucia to India

Instantly after coming across the saddening news of a close one's demise abroad, the family and friends fall into a state of concern and pain. Besides the agonizing thoughts of losing that person forever, the responsibility of bringing the remains back home worsens the situation.

In such distressing situations, instead of performing self-transportation, hire a certified team that serves its repatriation services across the globe. If a family is concerned regarding the legal transportation of the dead body from Saint Lucia to India, a promising organization named Last Journey Funeral Direction Team is just a call away.

What are the key services of Last Journey in lawful dead body air shipping?

Safe transportation under protocols of foreign authorities includes too many formalities to execute. Here are the main areas where our skilled team members assist the clients.

  • Guiding the family in providing the right information to the authorities and receiving valid documents.
  • Registration of the death in the official records of Saint Lucia.
  • Contacting the local authorities and funeral homes to arrange ground facilities for the remains
  • Obtaining a death certificate and other essential papers for completing the documentation process
  • Updating the family through the online portal created by the team (if the family does not take part in the repatriation)
  • Booking tickets for final transportation from Saint Louis to India


Besides the highly trained workers for the execution of distinct tasks, our team allocates a head for the supervision of the entire process. You can discuss your personalized demands with the head. The team will strive to fulfill them.

How does the team conduct paperwork smoothly according to the guidelines of Saint Louis authorities?

Firstly, the team attains legal permission from the consulates of Saint Louis to collect the dead body, shift it to a safe location and then relocate it through airlifting from Saint Louis to India. They grant -

  • Permit for Export /Exit / Transit
  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC)

Apart from these most significant permits, the team will receive other documents on behalf of the family from the liable departments of Saint Louis.

Take a look at what you must carry while proceeding further in repatriation.

  • A valid death certificate granted by the certified medical authority of Saint Louis. It must have the important details about the death & the deceased. The reason for death should be mentioned in it. The death certificate should be in English language.
  • Postmortem reports if there are signs of an unnatural death
  • Embalming certificate signed by the professional embalming doctor
  • Certificate for the coffin box about its quality and sealing features
  • Copy of the Death registration form
  • A consent letter by the deceased's family
  • All the important details of the consignee
  • Details of the booked online tickets for two-way air cargo & flight services
  • The original Indian passport of the deceased person with a copy for cancellation by the Saint Louis authority
  • Proof of the residence of the deceased person in the form of any bill or hotel tickets in Saint Louis
  • Clearance from the local area police
  • Clearance for airlifting the dead body from Saint Louis to India
  • Letter for No Communicable Disease in the dead body

All these documents should be available in the original as well as in photocopy format. The team members will arrange them for the family.

What are the steps to prepare the dead body for international dead body transportation?

Last Journey team members take no chance with the safety and dignity of the deceased person. We contact the local funeral homes of Saint Louis and book ground facilities such as:

  • An ambulance van with all basic to advanced features for domestic commution
  • Embalming Services
  • Coffin Box arrangement
  • Metal Container for the safe transportation of cargo with ac facility

At the end of our repatriation services, we book online tickets for 'Two -Way air cargo services'. Through this one can easily return the belongings of a foreign state (Saint Louis) after receiving the remains. 

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